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i didint know some cats didint groom themselves, thats good to know.
my cat is a male about 5 and a half months old, a siamese Lilac Lynx Point, and he just cleans the 'important' areas, sometimes his face, sometimes between his paws, i have him since he was about 1month old, so maybe he wasnt with his mother enough to pick up grooming habits?, is there anything i can do?

he loves to play, he doesnt get nasty dirty or anything, but he can get very dusty sometimes, i take him to the vet for baths when he needs it, but i would preffer to avoid doing that, coz he acts very afraid whenever i take him to the vet, makes me a little worried (he thinks he's a tiger) so you can imagine the change of attitude.

any ideas are apreciated.
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Really only another cat can show a cat/kitten how to groom themselves if the momcat wasn't in the picture long enough to.I would just brush your cat daily and call that good, rather than subject your cat to the stress of a bath from a vet.
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Brushing daily is a good idea.... also in my experience, if one of my kits becomes laxadasical with thier personal hygeine one of my other kits will clean them....with force if nessecary.....

Doofus will pin Mabby's head and clean her thourougly untill he is satisfied with her cleanliness

Good luck
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If he's a siamese it shouldn't be too much of a problem if he doesn't clean himself 100% because it's not like he is going to knots or anything, I don't think you need to bath him perhaps try wiping him down with some unscented baby wipes? they do the trick for my Nanas siamese, Mork
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thank you for your advice, and yes is not a big problem, but it took me basicly all my life to convince my mother to let me have a cat, so every little detail counts for her....i just thought maybe he was too lazy for doing it himself and me doing it for him would cause him to depend on me too much.

saddly i dont know anyone else who has a cat so he could learn, and i cant have another cat. I've tryed brushing him, but he'll just attack the brush, i've used baby wipes and he purrs and actually enjoy it for a while, but not enough for me to finish, he just wants to go to play, but i guess he'll just have to get used to it.
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