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Always wailing for people food

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My 5-month-old kitten is always crying for "people food"! I thought it was cute and funny at first so I gave him little samples of my food just to see what he'd do - BUT, he ate everything - soft-boiled egg with soy sauce!, canned tuna, fried chicken, baked potato, black olives, white bread with a little mayo, cheese, and deli turkey!

I only feed him in the kitchen from my hand (crouched down to his level) or by putting little bits of the food in a little soy sauce plate for him and setting it next to his food. I also never feed him anywhere but in the kitchen.

Now I think I've created a monster. I ignored his cries for four days straight but yesterday, he was just tooo pitiful and I gave in and let him try my sweet canned corn (and he loved that, too)!

I'm not sure what to do! Do I stop cold turkey (no pun intended) and never give him any people food so he learns that it's not right to keep begging for it because 1) I don't want him to develop bad habits begging for food around guests, and 2) he's still a kitten and I don't want to spoil him with food that isn't good for him since he needs the nutrients in his kitten chow!

Or do you think it's OK to give him these treats, and if so, how often? If it were up to him, I think he would like me to feed him what I'm eating for every meal!

BTW, Geisha, our 1-year-old, loves her kibble and doesn't want anything else! She likes tuna and boiled chicken once in a while, but we don't eat it often anyway, so it's easy to space out her treats. (She's so easy.) With Kuri, he just wants to eat everything I eat every day. Help!
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I wouldn't feed him anymore with what your giving him. If your in the kitchen preparing food and he cries give him a couple of treats if he's allowed them, or the odd bit of chicken, or what i do is when i'm preparing food, i make sure i give them their food first then that way they won't be round my ankles waiting for it.
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With my kittens and cats, I try not to give them too much people food when they are young so it doesn't become a problem when they are older
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Feed him his food (especially canned food) when you are eating so he has something tasty of his own. Then just ignore him when he begs. Behavior that is not rewarded will not typically continue.
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I've never given my cat people food. When he was younger he would beg for some, but we always refused. Over time he stopped begging, and would instead just go over to his own dish. I think this also helped prevent other behavior problems that I believe stem for giving people food such as getting on kitchen tables and counters.

If it were me, I would stop giving people food and give him cat treats for good behavior. However if you do keep feeding people foo, make sure you don't give any foods that can be harmful for cats.
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Thanks for all of the advice, everyone. I've been giving Kuri his kitten food only (no people food!) for the last few days, and he cries a little but less and less each day (guess he's giving up).

I've read about people giving their cats a little bit of canned tuna on occasion, and when we eat tuna, I know the cats will go nuts until they get some, too, but I will refrain from giving him any tuna until he's an adult, and then maybe only every few months or so.

I've been giving him and Geisha (big sis) Whiskas Temptations treats and they love them, so that's about all I'll give them as far as treats go, for a long while. It's so cute, because we make them take turns getting one at a time (we feed them maybe 10 each). I feel like it teaches them "manners" in a way (if you CAN teach kitties!). Neither Kuri and Geisha have ever jumped on counters or the table while I'm eating, so that's good. I guess Kuri is learning that I'm not giving in, and now that I've put my foot down, things will improve! And someday soon we'll have a kitty that doesn't beg at all! hopefully!
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Our cat used to love tuna! Especially if we let them have the tin, they'd stick their heads in it and push it round the kitchen! (No sharp edges of course!)
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