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Where does your cat sleep at night?

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So where does your cat sleep or where do you put them at night?

We put my cat in the kitchen, coz if we dont he will wake us up at 4am wanting to go out!
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Wherever they feel like it! My guys/gals are spoiled. I've woken up with one on my head.
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We have a large bath-laundry room where my hubby cut a hole in one of the closet doors...the litter box is inside there. There is also place where I keep cold water and dry food for them, a few toys, and their bunk beds are in there. (The bath-laundry area...not in with the litter!) That`s where they sleep at night...Toby on the top bunk (alpha cat) and Tedy on the bottom bunk. They really look cute in thier beds!
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My cats (4 !) sleep in my bed - I had this idea, it is my bed - , and sometime there is a little space for me. But, what to do, most important is, they feel comfortable.
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They're shut in the bedroom with us as I don't want to be awoken at 2:30 in the morning to some horrible crash !

I usually wake in the morning with Narsil sleeping on my head, and Mithril on my feet. They don't like Hubby's side of the bed as much as he's a very restless sleeper.
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Always with his mommy
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Doofus will sleep on the couch....

Mabby will sleep on the top tier of the kit tree

Emmet sleeps at my feet.....(he used to sleep at johns feet...till he realized john flails in his sleep )

and poppy either sleeps under our bed or on the middle tier of the cat tree
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Reilly migrates between his own bed and mine
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Do they not wake up in the early hours n ask to go out?
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Originally Posted by janey83
Do they not wake up in the early hours n ask to go out?
Only one of mine, at 6 in the morning. No, he don´t want to go out, he only want me to wake me up. Paws my eyes.
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Originally Posted by Antares
Only one of mine, at 6 in the morning. No, he don´t want to go out, he only want me to wake me up. Paws my eyes.
awww thats cute.
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Mine sleep in the bed with me. They don't have spots yet, but Rowan seems to like sleeping at the top of my pillow, against my headboard, and Bella likes to curl up in the in the V shape that my knees make when I lie on my side. Most of the time, they'll move around a bit, as I move around a bit, as well.
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Yeah, when my cat comes and wakes me up in the morning, he always sleeps in between my legs, so it makes it hard for me to turn over.
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Elmo sleeps either on the couch or curled up in a ball in the hall way

Benja sleeps in his fluffy pink ring in his pen

Holly, Sophie, Muffin & Bridget alternate between three baskets and various places on the cat scratcher
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I don't always know where they sleep.

Sam: on his condo, on the office couch, behind the living room couch, in his basket, on the radiator below the living room window, on the armchair, in my closet on a blanket in the back corner, beside me on the bed. He used to sleep between my feet, but since Bailey sometimes sleeps there, he's moved to curl up beside my shoulder.

Bailey: at the foot of my bed, in her basket in the dining room, on a pizza box under the coffee table, on the arm of the living room couch, on a spare chair that I keep in the dining room, under the dining room table, in a corner in the hallway.

Notice, they each have specific spots, and one never sleeps in the other's places. Except for Bailey who finally got the nerve to jump on the foot of my bed and displaced Sam.
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Dax waits for me to come to bed - she starts to hover around me as it gets late, giving me that "hurry up mummy" look. It's not good enough if just Dan is in bed, it has to be mum. She sleeps by my neck-shoulder for the first part of the night, then she stretches out along beside me.
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Mik and Lex have claimed sleeping spots all over the apartment.

At night, they generally like to sleep with me. They each have a big, fluffy towel to sleep on at the foot of the bed.
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My two kitties are indoor cats. Max sleeps in the bed with my husband and I, usually on my pillow. Simon sleeps under the bed or in the bedroom. If my husband is working late Simon sleeps in the bed with me too.
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Tom: some cushions on the floor of my room with his favorite blankie. He can't sleep on my bed because he can't jump off.

Kata: either the living room couch or my bed [I would prefer if she stayed in the living room because she kicked sophie out of my room]

Sophie: I think she's sleeping in a room we don't use anymore. Sad, I miss her. But its impossible to have 4 cats in my room, 3 of them on my bed.. we just don't fit. Kata should go back to the living room.

Max: on my bed

Mafy: on a chair in the dining room.
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Originally Posted by Talon
Wherever they feel like it! My guys/gals are spoiled. I've woken up with one on my head.

Mine are the same way.
Floor, couch, chair, dresser, bed, laundry basket...wherever they want. lol
I have also awoken to a cat on my head...Zoe has always liked to do that.
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IN my bed.... either on my pillow or in the middle of the bed all streched out!
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PB starts out on my upper back kneading myhair until we both fall asleep and here lately he has been spending the rest of the nite between my legs. The motherly instinct in me half way wakes me up when i want to roll over to make sure i dont disturb PB while im rolling. I have actually learned how to roll over without disturbing him. LOL my spoiled baby.

My Chinese Crested Hairless dog, Calista sleeps under the covers between me andhubby to keep PB from messing with her.
Dobber, my male GSD sleeps on the floor at the foot of the bed. My female GSD, Shade, sleeps in the doorway to my sons room. My GSD puppy, Baby Girl, sleeps tethered next to my side of the bed (we are potty training).

All my babies are spoiled.
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Ozzy sleeps in the garage as he has a VERY irritating habit of running his paws down the miniblinds. I can't describe how annoying that sound is in the middle of the night; it's something you have to experience for yourself.

The rest of the cats sleep where they want, usually on top of me. (Shawn's a restless sleeper, whereas I just lay where I fall without moving.) Sometimes Shawn pushes Ace off my chest in the night because his weight makes me breathe too shallowly; he's a heavy cat and smooshes my lungs.
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You can't even imagine the scene. 2 humans and 38 cats in a house with one queen size bed. Be afraid, be very afraid.
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Gar and Fest sleep with dd Lexie. I'm not sure about Sugartoes. In the morning, Garfield jumps in bed with ds before his alarm goes off. No cats in our room at night, just us and the dog! LOL!
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Well this is only stormys second night and she will be sleeping in the bathroom again. I hope that very soon she can pick where she wants to sleep. Right now I just want to be sure she knows where the litter pans are and she wont get hurt while we are sleeping....bathroom is very kid friendly.
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My little guy generally sleeps in his cat carrier in the walk in wardrobe, but occasionally I wake up with him on my pillow or my face!
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Anywhere they want
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Typically Orion Sleeps with me.. usually Nacho, and sometimes Gordito.. but most of the tme he sleeps elsewhere. And Poptart sleeps on his chair. yes his chair. :rollseyes:
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