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Advantage dosages (for a dog)

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Just wondering if giving a higher dosage on flea meds is extremely harmful to an animal? I actually need to know because of a dog, not a cat, but I figured if the answer is yes for one it would be yes for both...(and I don't know of any dog forums like this one)

My bf's family lives about 40 minutes from my house and I see them every few months. They have been keeping their little terrior mix Shiloh outside because he has fleas pretty bad and they dont want it in the house. They will not take him to get flea meds. They won't even neuter him unfortunately, Shiloh is about 7 or 8 years old...

But the flea meds is what I was wondering about. I happen to have some Advantage for a 25lb dog on me and we are going out to their house today. This dog is about 15lbs.

I am really his only hope, Shiloh is miserable, scratching and scratching, plus they live in the country surrounded by cornfields so it is full of bugs out there. Would it be okay to give the heavier dosage to him if this is the only chance he has to not be miserable for at least a little while?

Please let me know what you think.
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It's best to follow the instructions in the package no matter what kind of environment the dog lives in.
But I must say this, IMO, those people aren't treating their animals right!
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If you know the weight of the dog, some vets will sell flea treatment without seeing the dog.
I used to get Bear's Advantage that way.
She'd send me 8 months worth at a time.
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All advantage is the same stuff - same strength. We buy the dog ones and just divide it up among our cats, works out MUCH cheaper
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The doses are for a weight range. If the small dog is under the range, just apply less than the full dose.

BTW, a prolonged, heavy flea infestation can result in anemia, which left untreated, causes death. And that exact scenario on Animal Cops resulted in arrest and prosecution for animal cruelty. Maybe they need to be informed of those little factoids.
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If I am not mistaken the Advantage range is 11-20lbs and the next size up is 21-55lbs. If you have the 21-55lbs, I would only use half the tube.
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I thought it said 21-55lbs but it could have been 25...
I just gave it to them and told them to wash the dog first because it is filthy.
I told them about the dnagers of fleas for an extended amount of time.

It is a situation like this...they grew up on farms and had all kinds of dogs and cats; never worried about spaying and neutering and treating them; shoot them if they get hurt; they stay outdoors in the barn...not that I think this is okay. I convinced them to neuter their cat and they did. I had to take the cat myself and I don't believe they ever actually paid me back the cash. It was only $5 but they give us food and things when we go visit so its no big deal.

They are just old-fashioned country folk ya know? I don't promote this behavior but there is only so much you can do, they are great people otherwise. Just not one's to treat their animals like part of the family.
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Also, not that this is an excuse either, it was the daughters dog, lived the first part of its life being dressed up in baby clothes and toted around the house in a stroller like a baby. Then the daughter went to college and lived in a dorm so she couldn't have the dog. Now she is looking into an apartment but her parents are saying they want him to stay because he lived his whole life running free in the middle of nowhere on a big chunk of land and it would be cruel to keep him stuck in an apartment all day long.

I think they have it all backwards. The dog is happiest with the daughter so if she neutered him he would probably be fine. People just don't get it. I try to change their minds...not like they won't even listen, they will listen to everything I say but then not do it. This may be my future family in-law people so I can't tick them off. I just help when I can...neutering their cat, flea meds for the dog, etc...

My uncle bob is the same way
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