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Henry R.I.P.

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My first cat i ever had was Henry, he was this big fluffy orange and white tomcat. We grew up together and we had a very special realtionship. Henry had to be put to sleep about a year ago. Even now i still find myself getting a little teary eyed if i find a picture or one of his toys. I hope if you have lost one of your companions recently that you will find happiness and always remember good memories instead of the sad ones. I will always love henry and ill never forget him.
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I know you miss Henry. I am sending good thoughts and giving my two boys an extra hug in his memory. Bless you. ***hugs*** to you as well....
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I always say that as long as you keep them in your thoughts they will never die, and although a year has past, Henry is still alive with the happy memories that you once shared

RIP Henry sweetie
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RIP Henry
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Sarah, I did recently lose one of my cats. He was a black and white tuxedo cat, twelve and a half years old. I had him for eleven years. I am sorry for your loss. This forum is a wonderful place to find those who know and understand. The support here is great. As you mentioned, the memories are precious. I have lots of pictures of my Max, but I can't look at them yet. I pray for peace in my heart and also in the hearts of others who know the same kind of pain.
Henry, rest in peace sweet kitty, and know that you will always be alive and loved in Sarah's heart.
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My Garfield is the first orange cat I have ever had...everything they say about orange boys being the very friendliest is so true. You must be missing Henry terribly. Rest in peace, orange boy!
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Orange girls are affectionate and friendly as well. Sunni was the sweetest girl I have ever known. She will also be forever in my heart.
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