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Tigger is gone

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I started a thread on my Tigger a few weeks back. Unfortunately his diagnose became painfully clear today - cardiomyopathy with a side effect of thromboembolism. The heart murmer showed up this week when I took him in for a follow up blood test. This afternoon, the pain became very obvious and he was not only near total heart failure, but nearly paralyzed from the thrombosis. This is a bad disease that hits mostly male cats in their middle to late years and more often than not, without a lot of warning. Heart murmers don't always show up until it is in an advanced state.

My other cats started picking on him in earnest this week. That alone had me worried more than anything. We were waiting on the blood work to decide what our next steps would be. Tigger decided for us.

Tigger was my wild child, and not one to accept any intervention in his life. It was simply his time and I held him close as we put him to sleep. Just the fact that he let me hold him close for the first time in his entire life (he would be turning 9 years old next week) tells me that he had given up on life.

My Tigger boy, Tiggly-Wiggly, Iggers, Iggie-Wigs, Igums, one really understood you as well as I did. You never let them know you. Life just scared you for some reason and you loved me because I understood that about you. You got your name because as a kitten, you had a lot of "bouncy-bouncy fun" just like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

I'll miss you my precious child!

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I am so very sorry for your loss of Tigger!
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R.I.P. tigger
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I'm incredibly sorry.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs your way. May your sweet Tigger RIP.
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So very sorry for your loss. He was beautiful.
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Oh no, im so sorry. at least he is resting now.
It'll be ok *hugs*
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Oh, Amy!

I'm so sorry to hear about Tigger. May he RIP bouncin' over the rainbow bridge

He was beautiful

Thinking of you!
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Oh Amy! Bless his little heart and what a gorgeous boy he is as well.

Don't worry Amy, Tigger is well over the bridge now bouncing about like he used to do as a kitten.

RIP Tigger
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I am sad but relieved right now. He was obviously sick and we couldn't pin down a diagnosis for the last few weeks.

I talked about Tigger a lot in the feral cat forums. He was born in the rafters of my garage to a feral mom and I handled him well before he was weaned, then took him away from his mom when he was weaned (mom was a very bad influence in his case). His brother Eight-ball lives with me and his sister Molly was adopted by a neighbor. He and his 2 siblings were normal, well adjusted cats until they turned about a year old, then all 3 almost reverted back to a very feral / fearful behavior, in spite of the fact that they didn't even all live together. A very interesting lesson in how genetics influences behavior.

Like most feral cats that revert to an inside life, they picked their single human that they bonded too, and for the last few years, it was rare when either Tigger or Eightball was not in my lap. Tigger could not tolerate being constrained in any way, and if I even put an arm on him, he would fight to get away.

Tigger is a tribute to all fearful and feral cats out there, and a lesson in patience and humility for me. He wasn't the easiest cat to live with, but the small successes I had with him over his entire life were well worth the time and effort.

Thanks for all the thoughts - he is doing the springy-springy tail bounce right now.
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I am so sorry about your loss. Tigger was a beautiful cat. Keep all those wonderful memories close to your heart, where he will always be.

RIP Tigger
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Tigger.

R.I.P. Tigger. Be free and happy, bouncing after butterflies.
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Garfield's mother was named Tigger. I'm sorry your Tigger is gone. Poor little wild boy, how sweet that he had a human who understood his needs.

Go, Tigger, go, bouncing over the hills!
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I'm so sorry you lost your precious little wild child, Amy. You must miss Tigger so very much, as you were his Mom, his one person with whom he shared a special relationship. You will always share this special love with your sweet boy. Now Tigger is so happy and healthy, joyfully bouncing around over the Bridge.
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Rest in Peace, Tigger! Condolences on your loss, Amy. Tigger had such spirit, I am sure that he will be missed. Bless you for taking in his family & him and for not giving up when their feral-side came through. I am so glad that Tigger knew what home, and love meant!
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Oh, Amy, I am so sorry! Sending hugs.....
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What a beautiful boy Tigger was. It's so lovely that you saw all his special qualities and shared such a wonderful bond with him. I'll bet you both felt privileged to share such love. RIP Tigger - happily free from pain
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Amy I'm so sorry about Tigger. May he rest in peace
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Tigger was adorable, I'm very sorry that he had to cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP Tigger
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What a beautiful boy. RIP Tigger.
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