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done something stupid

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i saw an ad in the free paper for an 18 month old tom that the owners wanted to rehome . so i phoned up as it was not that far from me (3-4 miles).

they said he was a loverly affectionante cat, which they had sine a kitten. and they were rehoming him becasue they had a parrot and they coudl not trust him with it.

i explained i had a puppy that was used to cast and also 3 4 month old kittens. she said he was used to other cats and was not sure about dogs.

i was giving it some thought and i supose my heart rules my head and the next thing i know she is on the phone saying they coul ddrop him round now as they really wanted to get rid.

they turned up at my home with the cat , he worse no coller and they handed me a tin of supermarket own bran food and then they were gone.

he was a dear little thing, definatly looked young i would say between 15 month to a year. he let my daughter pet him they said he was used to children. then i gave him a little feed and he ate it all up. my 3 then came in to see him and he was very friendly even if my 2 kitten toms did hiss a bit. lol.

then just before i was able to pick up the new addition again to put in a room where he was goign to stay for a few days to get to knwo us he ran out the window and in to my garden. i dont live my a main road there are loads of lanes that run behind my house. and he made a dash for them. i called him and he mieowed to me and went to come to me, but my little kittens jumped up onto the wall to him and he ran off.

so i put food down and decided to leae him be.

he did come in to my garden several times but wont let me near him now. or shoudl i say my kittens wont let me near him. i have just come in from searchign for him i cant find him anywhere.

he has been back and forth from the back of my hosue to the frount door of my hosue several times and i did see himm spraying the walls in the lane.

he may be out any where. and i feel terrible.

what the hell can i do?
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Trap him and get him neutered. if you have tomcats as well, getting them neutered will help because they will not aggressively pursue him after neuter as they would before. But borrow a trap and get this kitty into the vet- because he sounds like he just might have been neglected-
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will he rememebr where i live if he has wondered off even if he is not used to the area?
do cats follow scents liekdogs do?
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Originally Posted by pussy_galore
will he rememebr where i live if he has wondered off even if he is not used to the area?
do cats follow scents liekdogs do?
As you said, he does come around. I think as long as you put out food for him, which will make it easier to trap, he won't wander away.
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Keep your other kittens indoors when you go to get him as well.

Poor thing, his former owners sound like they couldn't wait to get rid of him
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once i catch him and get him nutered. what woudl be the best plan to stop him from escaping again. i would imagine he wont love me much after having his bits chopped off.
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Of course he will! Rosie and Sophie both got spayed but they soon got over it and didn't hold any grudges

Are you getting your other boys done as well?
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I agree....he will come back around if you leave food for him. Cats always remember where they got a good meal. Get him fixed, tested and shots before you bring him around your other kitties. (And them too if they have`nt been already)
Let us know when he comes home.
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my queen has been done and the boys are getting done next week.
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good to hear that - don't worry their nature will only improve after they have been desexed
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