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Rest in peace WhiskeyCat

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Whiskey was put to sleep yesterday after collapsing in front of us for the 3rd time.
Clotting on his spine resulting in paralysis.. his hind leg hadn't yet regained use after the 2nd clot, and this time he just couldn't move.

He was set free aged 6/7 having spent all his life living at the shelter.
He came in as a kitten from a building site, and for some reason, this loving cat was never adopted. So he stayed to live with us, wandering out for exporations in the evening, sleeping in the cat cabin on the radiator at night, and returning 9am sharp to get first dibs on fresh ham and chicken from the kitchen.

He was a real favourite, and had the endearing habit of laying down like a stole around your neck and sucking your hair.

May he rest in peace xxxx

Back when all was well with Whiskey

The last two pics I ever took of him, with his bandaged hind leg to stop damage by dragging it.. last saturday..

He will be buried tomorrow alongside past loved ones who never found their final forever home, apart from the shelter.
Last night he was lain in the hallway tucked up on a pillow with a blanket draped up to his shoulders so the house cats could 'say goodbye' and tonight, the boss insisted his body be gently moved to the cat cabin so his feral friends who never enter the house may also pay their final respects.
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What a beautiful boy he was.

RIP sweet Whiskeycat.

Hugs for you
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He was gorgeous.

I am sorry for your loss.

RIP sweet Whiskey.
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Sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy!
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He sure was a handsome boy!! He was so lucky to have found you to care for him and love him.

RIP Whiskeycat
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What a gorgeous boy! I am teary eyed. I sned hugs to you.
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R.I.P. whiskey cat, I hope you always remeber happy memories of whiskey cat
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Oh Abbey!, what a gorgeous boy whiskey was wasn't he

Whiskey may not have had a real home, but he had a loving home with you all at the shelter

And that was so moving to hear that all his shelter and feral friends can say their last goodbyes to Whiskey

RIP Whiskey sweetie Yet another handsome boy has entered the bridge to make some new friends
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AWWWW RIP Whiskeycat!
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What a beautiful cat. I wish he could have been mine.
Whiskey cat, go and find my Max at the Rainbow Bridge. Play together and rest in peace.
What a blessed animal he was to have someone to care for him and love him.
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Rest in peace, WhiskeyCat. Give Sunni my love over the bridge, you handsome boy.
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It is so hard to understand why people choose one cat over another! I'm glad WhiskeyCat had a happy life, among caring humans, and a loving kitty family. Run free over the rainbow bridge!
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Yes, what a beautiful cat. I once heard a German song that my Austrian friends interpreted for me, and it said "You have too much love for just one heart, so you'll never belong to just one love" - it sounds like maybe that's how it was for WhiskeyCat. How anyone could not just fall for those beautiful green eyes cannot be explained. I am very touched by the thoughtfulness & respect that you all show for this precious cat, and how considerate that you are for letting the other cats say "good-bye". When I had Sandie put down a couple of weeks ago, I left her wrapped in a towel in the carrier for most of the afternoon so that my other kitties would know what happened to her. Godspeed, WhiskeyCat - join our other TCS kitties over the Bridge & remember to greet your good friend AbbeyCat when she crosses over someday! Hugs, Susan
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