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Discharge from one eye,,

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Hi again, My sick stray is doing great the last few days, But I have a guestion, Both his eyes were really bad from the Feline flu stuff he had. I don't even know how he could see, his right eye was almost covered by the inner lid and the other about 1/2 way and he had just tons of yellow junk coming from both eyes. My question is his right eye still has a watery discharge some times, looks like he is crying, he doesn't seem like it hurts or bothers him so I don't think that there is anything in his eye. Could this be a perminent thing from the flu or should this get better over time? I so far have not asked the vet about it because we were first trying to get his breathing and coughing problems under control.
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That is good your kitty is getting better =)

My oldest kitten Dazee had Feline Chlamydia. After it cleared up with medication. I noticed her eye gets a bit teary when anything with onion, pepper, spice is cooked. My vet said for now to keep watch over it.

I would recommend next time you're at your vet office, ask them. =)
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It sounds like a URI. I would get him into the vet and they will give him eye medication and an antibiotic to clear up his cough. Is he still eating?
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He was close to dieing when I found him, he is doing real good now. He has had 2 coarses of clavamox and one of panmycin since the begining of August. He almost has a second home at the vet, they can't believe how far he has come since I started to take care of him. He is pretty much a normal playful kitty now, but that one eye won't quit running.
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