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Personality Change in my Cats

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Hi everyone,

My two girls (Bella and Boo) have been together two years. Bella is a lovable, playful, curious gal. Boo is more independent, not very social, a lap cat with me and plays when she is in the mood. Things have changed over the past couple of weeks and now Bella has a huge sore on her back from licking and chewing it. The first time she got the sore was when I went away for 4 days (I had a friend stay at the house). The vet gave her a steroid shot and she got better. I took her to the vet a week ago. He gave her another steroid shot although it will be the last since it is not safe. He said it is possible that she has an allergy. He also said it could be stress related. The things that have changed at the house is a new 37 gallon fish tank. And, Bella has become less playful and Boo has become more aggressive. She chases Bella alot. Bella is somewhat on edge, when she is around me, she is always looking to see where Boo is. I nearly have to force Bella to play, but it's not the same Bella that played 24/7. Has anyone had any similiar experiences? It's breaking my heart.
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Poor little Bella. This certainly sounds as if it could be stress related. Even the most subtle change in her home could cause her a great deal of stress, and now with her sister, Boo, suddenly becoming more aggressive must be difficult for her as well. Gentle hugs to you, little Bella, from my girls and me!
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Oh my goodness, Serenity looks just like Bella - diluted tortoiseshell, right?
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Exactly! We'd love to see photos of Bella and Boo!
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I just created a cat page for Bella and Boo. I'm not sure how to post it like you do yours.
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Lisa, I sent you info via pm before you posted this message. Hope you received that. Please do let me know if I may help you in any way!
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If it is stress related a body stocking or e-collar would make things worse I'm afraid.
You can try a feliway plugin diffuser, or bach flower rememdy (hissy would know more about those).
I should warn you though that you may, as a last resort, have to put her on meds.

I have a complusive groomer here, and she does the same thing to her back.
But she overgrooms everything/everyone if allowed to.
We're still in the process of trying things on her before we resort to drug therapy.
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I never heard of the feliway but I just looked it up online - sounds like just the ticket I need. Do you know if any pet stores sell them? I would love to buy this tomorrow instead of waiting to buy it online. Bella also overgrooms everything - her back and her snuggle blanket, especially. She is such a loving girl and Boo (my other girl) is not loving at all with her. I am thinking of getting additional cat, one that is more affectionate. Of course, that may open up a whole new can of worms.
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I can't find the information on posting pictures. I saw it once but now I can't find it - can you resend? Thanks much.
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