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Possible power struggle, how to handle?

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I have four cats, and until now the oldest one Usva (female) has been the mostly benevolent top cat of the house. Now Tilli (male) has perhaps grown into adulthood and I have the feeling he's trying a coup d'état.

Don't get me wrong, they're good friends; wash each other, sleep together etc., but: Tilli has started to chase Usva occationally, and won't stop even when she really lashes out on him. He used to have a healthy respect for Usva's rather short temper. The supposed struggle is centered around me. Usva and Tilli are the ones that want to be with me all the time, the other cats, Milla and Timotei, are more independent and like to hang out together. Sleeping on top of my legs is Usva's privilege, Tilli has always tried to get there, but has submitted and moved next to my feet when Usva growls a bit. Recently Tilli has stopped respecting Usva's command to move, and Usva has sometimes resigned to leaving the bed. Today Usva was closed from the room for a few minutes because of naughtiness, and Tilli's face was ingredibly smug, he just kept purring alone on our bed behind the computer desk.

Usva is a rescue, and mentally extremely dependant on me, she won't be in a differend room etc. She used to be very insecure, and I don't wan't her to be that again. I wan't her to be happy and self assured, but of course I want Tilli to be the same too. Tilli is also a lot stronger physically (Usva weights 3,35kg/7,4lbs, Tilli 7,5kg/16,5lbs). I don't believe, that this supposed struggle is due to Usva being ill, she seems perfectly fine and energetic, though I am aware that cats tend to hide their illness.

So, I would like Usva to keep the top position. The questions are: Is this possible, if so, how without causing Tilli unhappiness? Is it right to try to meddle, or should I let them solve their business themselves? I emphazise again: They aren't hostile in any way, even now they are sleeping behind me side by side.
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The cats will have to work out this issue themselves, not much you can do.
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I think trying to interfere in cat's social relationships is bound to be an excercise in frustration at best, and really screw things up at worst. It sounds like the two cats still get along just fine, they're just trying to redefine their relationship. I'm sure they know what they're doing. And it's best if you accept the result.
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Thought so. Well, I'll just have to try to let them be and try to keep Usva feeling secure at the same time, since the biggest worry is her rescue past. Thanks.
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