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New Record

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Anyone notice that the site set a new record today. 48 members were on line at 11:02 today.
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Wasn't the previous record 34 or 36?

Thats very cool...we're getting real close to 2000 members too, although many of them are no longer here, its nice that that many are registered!
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Wow, that's cool! But I missed it though. About the only time I wasn't online today. It took us a long time to beat that last record.
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Wow! That's alot!
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What's the longest running thread? Discounting sticky's of course.
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Why I think it's the MJ Thread with the two stars by it! hahaha! Hey, I was a little miffed about that, but ya know, Deb25 made a really good point! We have the only stars (it's not a good rating...but we have stars! hahahaha). Check out our viewers...as crazy as it gets, hey people like it! I loved that Thread you guys had on today! That was moving! I can read that all the time. you guys were hilarious!

Keep it going, will ya's?

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