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The Toilet Paper Theif

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Please Help! I have two adult cats ages 4&5. I just introduced a 7 month old kitten to the picture. Everyone is getting along great. But I do have one problem, every morning I get up to use the bathroom the TOILET PAPER is GONE? My kitten runs around the house with it, I find it in the worst places. How can I stop this behavior. I tried moving the paper to the top of the medicine cabinet he gets it anyway. By the way he is a Maine Coon.
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:tounge2: My kitten, also 7 months, is obsessed with the bathroom. He loves the Q-tips, the shower curtain, the toilet paper.

My solution - I always leave the door closed when I'm not in there. It works nicely.
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My cats love the bathroom as well, especially the sink. They love going in there but are only allowed to when I'm with I keep the door shut when its not in use.
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What is it about the bathroom??? Benny LOVES to un-roll the
T.P. till it hits the cardboard. Sophie likes to watch each drop from the faucet, occasionally catching a couple with her tongue.
And Iggy likes the q-tips, too. We too just keep the door shut or the paper out of reach so they're not tempted. When I start to see Bernice using my mascara, I know I'm in trouble! LOL
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Okay, not much help but . . .

Imagine you are the kitty. Reach up and scratch at some toilet paper. If the loose end of the paper comes over the top of the roll and hangs in the front, the roll unrolls. BUT if the loose end hangs between the roll and the wall, when you scratch like that it causes the roll to roll up, or at least would if there was any paper hanging off. So try hanging the roll with the loose end on the side nearest the wall. It won't stop the scratching, but shredded TP can still be used most of the time and it won't be dragged throughout the house.

Sparky used to attack the roll and wrestle it. After a while he stopped. I think he liked it when he felt like the big hunter subduing his prey and lost interest when he got bigger.

Good luck!
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Maven, I too suggest keeping the bathroom door closed. My kitties love to chew on the tp and unroll it. They also are into Q-tips, playing in the shower, and chewing on the toilet brush (EW!)We keep both bathroom doors closed at all times!
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I'm so glad mine isn't the only one! I left the toilet brush out of my earlier post out of shame....Bad Kitty!!! He sure does think that thing is neat and that definately decided for us that we would keep the door closed.
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His own roll....:tounge2: KIDDING..... Close the BR Door.....

Jinx likes q-tips.... weirdo...:tounge2:
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My Kiddins dont really mess around in the bathroom(anymore). They used to play with the TP, and pull to drain plug thing out of the sink, but now they will just sit on the toilet and watch the water droplets roll down the shower doors and swat at them:laughing: My husband calls Miko "Miko the waterdroplet slayer"-he's a weirdo:laughing2 :LOL:
I'd keep the door shut when not in use

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Originally posted by Sammy&Miko

I'd keep the door shut when not in use

You might wanna shut the door when in use, too..... TEE HEE TRAC GOT YA:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I keep the TP inside the closest drawer to the toilet. The cat can't pull the drawer, no more shredded paper!
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Our female cat loves to shred toilet paper. When we get home from the supermarket and put the pack of toilet rolls in the bathroom, she actually rips the packaging off to get into them!!! :LOL:

They also love sleeping in the sink and licking the taps. Mine rarely drink out of their water bowls - they drink from the taps. It's a nightmare when you're trying to brush your teeth in the morning!!
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:kitty5: Glad to hear I'm not the only one with kitty problems. :p My kitty use to love to lay down in the sink and sleep!! It was actually a funny site since he was bigger than the sink!

Butterfly Maiden
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My kitty also likes to nap in the bathroom sink...maybe she's not as weird as I thought!
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I've had several cats that love the sink. Blackie used to lay in it, and he's rather large and furry so he filled it just to the top, but he would peek his head over the rim to see what they other cats were doing. Pretty funny.

Blackie and Sparky prefer to drink from the tap or from a dish under a dripping faucet. Sparky will drink from the toilet given a chance, and I think Fred does too but I haven't caught him at it yet.

When Blackie was a kitten, we drove cross country to move to another state. Blackie, Patches his mom, and his brother Sparky (not the current one) were all in the kennel in the back. They wouldn't eat (probably because with 3 cats there wasn't a litter box back there) but I would get a bottle of water at every stop for them and Blackie figured out how to lick the sport cap thingy to drink. To this day, if I have a bottle of water, I HAVE to share it with Blackie!
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My little black cat's favorite things to pull out of the bathroom cupboard are, well, you know, ...... And he always leaves them by the front door and in the living room. I never imagined that I'd ever have to try to catch a cat carrying a kotex in his mouth running all over the house.
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Fitz like to sit in front of you while you're going to the bathroom and he will actually jump up and steal the paper from your hand and start shredding it on the floor. He is also fascinated with the toilet and any standing water. It was a big surprise to my boyfriend when he was doing his business and the cat almost jumped in the water! Close call!
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Blackie always follows me into the bathroom. As soon as I am enthroned on the commode, he puts his front paws on my legs and stretches and jumps up onto my lap to be petted. This is really odd, because he doesn't do it any other time. He usually doesn't like to sit on a lap or be held and he never asks to be petted. Go figure.
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I tried putting a rubber band around the roll because a lot of times our toilet paper *traveled* upstairs and back down! But then Shredder decided rubber bands tasted wonderful and when one band vanished, I quit trying to stop this play. I keep the door shut, but my other half forgets. Also if Shred can't find a toilet paper roll he will go for the paper towels which makes him quite the acrobat as they are hanging off the wall about 3 feet up! How he gets up there is anyone's guess, but once he snags them, they are his, and woe be it to anyone to take it from him. Cats love bathrooms, so many things to play with unless of course you are giving them a bath.
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Five ways to prevent cats from playing with toilet paper:

Hang the roll so that the paper hangs down between the roll and the wall rather than over the top of the roll.

If the cat knows how to roll it either way, then you can get a cover that rests on top of the toilet paper and this will work. You can make your own by taking the cardboard core from an empty roll and slitting it lengthwise and fitting it over the roll.

You can balance a small paper cup full of water on top of the roll.

Instead of a cup of water, try an aluminum can with pennies.

If you are unwilling or unable to use the cover, then close the door to the bathroom.
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I can't figure out why our cats are obsessed with the bathroom either. Every time me or my wife go in there they follow us. Then they will either lay under the back of the toilet, lay in the tub (whether the bottom is wet or not) or get up on the edge of the toilet if the lid is up and peer in at the water. This is kind of embarrassing, but it's very funny. When I'm going...ummm...number two and my pants are down around my ankles one of our cats, Sassy, will crawl into my pants and go to sleep.:LOL: They also like playing with the toilet paper, but haven't done it for a while.

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Mine also shred the toilet paper. I have a TP roll holder that is mounted up high - next to the toilet, but up way too high for them to reach. This seems to work well.
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Only one of my cats has discovered the joys of toilet paper, and I usually keep the bathroom door closed, too. The same cat loves to explore the bathtub and has even napped in the sink.

I have caught her at the TP, and it is hilarious to see. She was so intent on what she was doing.
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shut the door at night, or even when the bathroom isn't in use. My kitten, 7 months old, likes the bathroom too. Especially the bathtub!! When I'm in the shower, she will occassionally jump in with me!!
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