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Hi-New Here-babysitting a cat :)

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Hi all My name is Kathy..I just signed on to this forum today..I normally frequent the betta forums.. Today I bought home with me this cat from my job. Her name is Patty. My main reason fro bringing her by is b/c I'm having a little mouse problem here in my apt recently and I want to scare the mice away. (I'm hoping her scent will send them fleeing so they never return) She's a great cat and I love her. I always play with her at work..everyone says she's "my" cat since I'm always petting her and playing with her. I'm hoping to keep her here for 2 weeks...maybe longer? The thing is my job-(furniture store)-might be closing down in the near future in a few months time. There's a possibility it might. At my job she's treated very well. I'm leaving myself open to the possibility of her staying here indefinitely. I figure I'll see how it goes and if she and we like the arrangement she can stay. If not, at the end of the 2 weeks, I'll take her back to work and continue looking for a great home for her. One of my main fears in keeping her here long term is that I like to bring one of my dogs on occasion, that live with my parents to visit me and she doesn't like dogs at all! I know this b/c she's attacked or attempted to attack some in the store when customers have walked in with them. Anyhow..even if I just keep her for 2 weeks..I want to provide for her the best possible care. I've never owned a cat and am a little apprehensive. I get nervous when she tries to come on my lap b/c I'm afraid she'll take out her nails and scratch me..I'm a sissy I know..LOL I do pet and kiss her and play with her with some rope and boxes. sorry about this huge novel here Just wanted to introduce myself and give some background info. Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm getting lots of my knowledge from my cousin that has 2 cats By the way, she seems to be adjusting well. I've showed her where the litter box is. She explored my home and has met the household members and seems ok. At the moment she's laying on my bed
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Welcome to TCS!!! I think you should keep her!
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Hi, Kathy! Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Sounds as if Patty has a new home!I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!

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lol...hmmm...i just might...have to wait and see By the way, when she tries to scratch the corners of the furniture i say NO in a frim voice and approach her and that seems to work..also just noticed she threw up a furball next to her that normal? she normally eats wet food and dry food..not sure the name brands...the ones u pick up at your local store..maybe i should switch to a healthier brand? Oh, also my cousin advised me I shouldn't let her sleep with us tonight. Shopuls put a chair with a blanket in there. What do you guys think?
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thanks dawn..You're so sweet Any advice, opinions, input much welcomed
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Thank you for giving the kitty a home (hopefully a permanent one). You do realize that if she leaves, the mice will return to the apartment.
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Welcome to TCS, Kathy & Patty!! What a wonderful opportunity for you both to get to know each other! I have some suggestions for you to try, if I may....
* put a folded towel in your lap if you're worried about claws. If she "kneads" or otherwise uses claws, simply gently pick up her claws & tell her "no claws";
* to discourage clawing the furniture, keep up telling her no, and provide an alternative scratcher. It doesn't need to be fancy or expensive - cardboard works great, both the flat, corrugated cardboard, and even a box!
* I don't see why she can't sleep with you in the bed. Cats often prefer down by your feet, and with winter coming on, it helps keep you warm & the electric blanket off, thus saving on the electric bill
* she will probably appreciate some toys. You don't have to spend much either, you can even accordian-fold paper into "birds", tie on a string, hop it around & watch the fun!!!
* be sure that she can access where the mice will be hiding, such as in closets & the pantry and cupboards. Also, since the home has been cat-free, it would be a good idea to check out for hazards to Patty, such as poisoned areas (ex. if you sprayed for ants) and toxic plants; hanging wires that she could get hung up on
* I highly recommend unscented cat litter. Both JonnyCat & the new Tidy-Cats Small Spaces offer scent-free litters, which are much easier on cats' sensitive noses.
I'm sure some better suggestions will come along; meanwhile, if you can get pics, well, those are always popular!!
Great job on introducing yourself & Patty!! I'm very impressed that you are considering her personality more than her looks - sounds like you've made the connection! A match made in heaven, perhaps?
See ya in the forums! Susan
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Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!
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HI guys..thanks for welcoming me well...I'm having a rough night..Pattty keeps waking me up...I went to bed pretty late and was awoken a while later by the feeling of some whiskers touching my so i pet her but she starting kneading and insisted on tryong to be on top of me, so i would have to get up and try and get her to move. She's woken me up a few times now and at one point I was awoken by the sounds of her throwing up on my bed so i was like patty no..and she jumped off the bed and i went to go clean it looked more like acid. Earlier today I noticed she threw up a hairball..maybe she needs to change food? She normally eats wet and dry food but the cheaper kind which have by-products which from what I hear aren't so great? She ate 9 lives today(wet food). Anyhow, I tried just closing my bedroom door so I could get some rest but after a while just couldn't sleep hearing her clawing at the I finally gave in and opened the door. She came in and ws purring and following me everywhere so finally I went to the kitchen and took her food out of the fridge to see if she was hungry--she started eating and I realized I might as well stay up for a while now shes sitting next to me as I type..I've pet her and she seems content..I'd love to go back to sleep but know shes going to follow and start looking for attention again and not let me sleep. Any ideas? Also, is it normally for cats to throw up? Anything I can do to prevent it? By the way, The mice seem to be frequenting the kitchen, mainly the stove and countertops much to my disappointment and disgust I think I saw some new "evidence" tonight...oh no! she just thre up again..just went to clean it up....maybe feeding her was not a good idea
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Hi Kathy!!, welcome to TCS!!, I am also a big betta fan too!

As far as cats throwing up, it's not all that uncommon for them to throw up a hairball on the odd occasion but they do say that once they have thrown up don't let them eat for a while...just to let their little tummies settle.

If you have any questions regarding your kitty there are alot of people with more knowledge than me in the Health and Nutrition section of these forums that would be able to help.

Hope you enjoy it here!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi...and welcome.
My 2 kitties do not sleep with us...mainly because the one has an awful YOWL (usually right in your ear) which he seems to do several times a night. (I think he just wants us to get up and play) Since we have 2 they seem to be quite content to just sleep together with each other in their bunk beds in the bathroom at night.
If you put her out of the bedroom and shut the door she will probably cry outside the door for awhile....but she will eventually stop if you don`t give into her.....since she is a cat, and not a baby kit.
I`d be a bit concerned about the mouse thing though.....they can have they could be coming in from somewhere that someone may have put out poison for them...and that would NOT be a good thing if she ate them.
I`d try to find out where they are coming it and do something about that if possible...and put out some kitty-safe traps.
We don`t have any problems with our cats scratching us (unless it`s accidental) but we have NEVER played with them with our hands...we have always used a toy of some sort for them.
As far as kneeding goes I think the towel or a quilt type blankey between you and her would work just fine....and I would tell her "No claws" too..... NORMALLY that does`nt draw blood like a definate scratch ....just might be uncomfortable till you can train her. If she will let you pick her up in your arms and cradle her like a baby then that gets her paws off you completely....(she may...or she may not let you do that).
Good luck to you both!
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Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio & surrogate mum to a year old shepard mix girl Freesia
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Hi Guys..Thanks for the responses..Right now I just came from the 2nd bedroom-I migrated there earlier this morning when my landlord came by with a plumber and started fixing my sink pipe from my 1st floor apt to the basement(I Live in a 2 family) I left the cat in the back room since I knew the guys would be in and out and didn't want her to get nervous and escape. I stood back there with her, until just about now..trying to catch up on the sleep I didn't get last night She seemed to concentrate most of her time behind the blinds looking outside. As far as the mice, I have a suspicion that they arrived..or at a few of them arrived at the same time that hole was made in the cabinet below my sink. (which should be getting sealed today thankfully-pipe was replaced I need to much needed water changes on all my betta tanks) Before that, I really didn't see any mice..On occasion I would see some droppings and once my boyfriend said he saw one but those moments were few and far between. Now, ever since that the hole is there I see mouse droppings frequently. My bf managed to catch one the other day in a trap, before we bought Patty. I don't think they are at least I don't think they'd be big mice or have poison although I suppose all mice are just dirty. What would kitty friendly traps be? I removed the sticky traps I had out afraid she might hurt herself. Maybe I'll put a few inside the stove and way behind it, since those are places I don't think she'll frequent She seems so quiet...gosh if only she were like this last night! Shes always eager to look for affection. Most times shes pretty quiet and to her herself...makes me wonder if shes happy? I figure I'll hold off on feeding her right away since she threw up earlier. Maybe I'll feed her later on and I'll open up a fresh can of food. Hoping to get to the store and get some dry food later. Take Care guys and its nice meeting u all
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Hi there Kathy - we're so happy to welcome you and Patty to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Patty certainly seems to have taken to you - what a little sweetie wanting to snuggle with you at night. That sounds exactly like my two indoor kitties when they first came home. They soon settled down though, she's likely to be quite stressed about the move right now.

You could try having a good hard play session just before bed to wear her out and trying to adjust her sleep pattern so she's awake more in the evening. That way she should sleep through the night better.
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thanks for the advice..well she did end uip napping most of the day...tried to get her up on more than one occasion by trying to entice her to play and she'd just give me a look that was like, "go away and let me" so i did..shes been up for a while now...its around 6:53pm my time..and i normally go to bed late anyhow...12, 1,2 ill try and play with her...i play with her with a flashlight and sometimes rope Now she's eyeing my bettas..I have did the water changes I'll keep you guys posted..Thanks again
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Welcome to TCS!
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Yup, it's just like getting used to living with a husband - the schedule interruptions, the selection of food., etc. As for the throwing up - a cat has to change food GRADUALLY. Plus, if she's still nervous, she'll be prone to throwing. Not much fun, is it, but cats are SO worth it!
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im happy to report I didn't get many interuptions last night...she slept a large part of the day so she was energetic come nightfall. I woke up around 5:30am to the sounds of her jumping around.she really seems to like to be climb on windows, As we speak, shes looking out a window now wagging her tail-I lifted the blinds for her since she's already knocked down the blinds I went and bought her some dry food, namely Tender Vittles by Purina...she loves it! I gave her half a packet last night before bed and the rest of the packet this morning at 5:30. Then around 9:30 I gave her a little more but am going to hold off a few hrs before giving her the rest of the packet. shes walking around wiith that mischievous look in her eyes. Now shes back by the window thanks for the advice everyone and for being so knid Take Care and I'll try and post a pic of her real soon Just need to get batteries for my digital
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Hello and It's nice to meet you!!
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thanks everyone Pattys doing are the pics I promised
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here's another
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