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Pirate kitten

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I have odd friends.
The other day was Talk Like a Pirate Day, and one of my friends 'fixed' my baby girl for the occasion.

He sent me this.
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Avast matey!
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Hey, send that girl to Hollywood! I'm sure there's a pirate movie or two in the works.
(My husband usually celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day. I guess he missed it this year. )
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I love the little name tag!
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She is such a cutie pie
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Oh was a sweetie....bet she did`nt leave that eye patch on for very long...did she?
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Bradley wants to know if your kitten would be willing to be his first mate!
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soo gorgeous pirate!!! .........
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Yarr, matey, that there's one seaworthy kitten!
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