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Dental Prophylaxis???

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I was interested in getting Bellas teeth cleaned at the Vet or Groomers the procedure is called "Dental Prophylaxis".
Has anyone had this procedure done? I was reading that they have to put Bella to sleep to do the cleaning.
Is this a safe way to go or are there other Teeth cleaning methods?
She is only 1.5 yrs old so her teeth are not in bad condition-I just want to keep her choppers healthy.
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Trust me, if you want to do a good cleaning, they need to put them under. All that means is that they are going to use a fancy dental machine with picks, water, hoses, etc. If you can try and brush her teeth, you would avoid having to ever put her under for a good cleaning. Most cats and dogs generally don't get dental prophylaxis until they are older and if thier teeth are in horrible shape. Unless they are going to use Iso Flourane only, it's not a good idea to do this as a routine cleaning.
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Thanks for the info.
I am not going to do the procedure-it seems a little extreme for routine maintenance.
Can anyone give any tips on brushing kitty teeth , tooth brush, tooth paste, how often??
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Most cats I have met are pretty resistant to the idea of some funny shaped thing in thier mouths..lol. You are supposed to do it every day, but I have had vets tell me once a week is okay. As far as what to use, they sell special toothbrushes and toothpaste at pet stores. If your cat HATES to do this and it's a hazard to your fingers..lol, you can talk to the vet about gels that will help.
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I need to get my cat's teeth cleaned too and the vet recommended that she be put under, but I'm scared of that. I've heard about cats not coming back. I know I can pay for blood tests to see if her kidneys and liver are working properly to be sure she comes out of the anesthesia. I guess she was put under when she was a kitten for the spaying procedure. Should I pay the extra money to get her blood tested?
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The bloodwork usually doesn't cost much and it's worth your peace of mind. It also gives you a chance just to check and make sure they are doing okay.
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Our 5 year old cat Lucy has her teeth cleaned every 4-5 months. She is a persian mix and the breed is notorious for bad teeth. They put her under and she is groggy for about a day afterward.

I know the procedure sounds harsh, but it really works great. Her breath smells clean and so are her teeth. If you do not take proper care of your cats teeth they might need to be pulled.

There is a new cat treat on the market that has the toothpaste in the treat. I would ask your vet.
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Hi Monica

I've been brushing my kitty's teeth for over a decade and she only needed to have her teeth professionally cleaned 1x in her life.

A few tips:

Start very slowly. Every day while you pet Bella, just rub the side of her mouth once. Then continue petting her.

Every day put your finger in a little longer and further alongside her gumline til she is used to that. This is just to get her used to getting touched there.

Once she is used to you touching her gums, she will be ready for the brush. Get an Oral B baby toothbrush -- has Sesame St characters on it . Then get her used to the feel of the brush by introducing it slowly as you did with your finger -- no toothpaste yet.

Once she is used to the brush get some kitty toothpaste at the pet store -- the Petrodent tastes malty, my cat thinks it tastes yummy -- then start using the brush with toothpaste.

Always end these sessions with praise and love and a treat.

At any time your kitty begins to show signs of being uncomfortable, stop before it turns into a struggle. Accomplish the one thing you want to do dentalwise for the day then give a treat. You don't want to turn this into a battle -- nor do you want kitty to think that if she wiggles long enough, she can get away with anything.

My 11 year old Russian Blue has had her teeth brushed since she was a baby so now she looks forward to it and begs to have them brushed -- NOT because she thinks having a big ol brush in her mouth is nice but she knows she gets a treat! LOL

Good Luck on the pearly whites!
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