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What breed?

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I have a tabby. Her pattern is Marble, but I am not sure of her colour. When she was a kitten, she looked like a silver tabby. Now that she has gotten older, her fur has gotten darker, but she is not as dark as a brown tabby. The only way I can think of to describe the colour of her fur is a sort of blonde colour!!.

Does anyone know what the official name for her colouring is?
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If she was silver as a kitten and has gotten darker how about a blue tabby. At the end of your comment, you mentioned Blonde if that's the case, then it could be cream. If possible, can you post a picture of her so I can tell better.

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Hiya. I have posted a picture of her in the new kids on the block thread. I'm not sure if you''ll be able to tell from that thoguh so here's another pic. If they are not clear enough, I can take more with my digi cam and post them up.
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Judging from the picture I'd say a Silver Patched Tabby with White.

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Thanx for your replies.

I checked out pics of cream tabbies on the net and she is definately not a cream tabby. Having read descriptions of blue tabbies in cat books, I thought that was perhaps what she was. I know the pic is not that clear, but I thought silver tabbies were a real bright silver colour - almost like the colour of a silver necklace. At times she does look silver, but she is much duller than pics of silver tabbies I have seen. Is it possible to have different shades of silver tabby? Like I said, she was most definately silver when she was born.

The lady I got her from said that her mother was a black cat and it is suspected that her father was a brown tabby. I don't know if that helps in trying to tell her breed.
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I am agreeing with Ken (btw Ken, good job). Their are different shades of silver just like there are different shades of other colors. I do have to mention, she is absolutely adorable.

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Ok. Thanx guys.
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Im going to say she is probably a silver patched tabby and white or a poorly colored brown tabby and white. Just so you know though, neither of these colors are breeds, your cat is a domestic shorthair.
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As the daughter of a lassie frae Glasgow, I can assure you that you can call her a Butterscotch. ( I don't know what to call her, but I think that's what it should be!) Jeanie G.
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