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5 new kittens, close to ferrel

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Hi I am new here. I hope someone can help me. I foster cats for the local SPCA here in BC Canada. I picked up 5 6 week old kittens today because they needed to be socialized, they were born outside and only brought to the shelter with momma about 2 weeks ago. Mom is fairly friendly but the babies hiss and spit and are so scared of me I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions of things I can do to help socialize them. I have them in a room with the door open but they have lots of hiding places and are mostly hiding right now. Although I am down the hall right now and I can hear a couple of them out playing with the toys in the room. When I walk very slowly and carefully down the hall they run and hide but at least they are starting to come out of their hiding spots a little. Any help would be appreciated

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4-7 weeks is the optimal socialisation time, good they get in in time.
If mother is friendly - try to work with mother! Touch her if possible!
(careful with hands. If she is feral she doesnt know hands of a friendly human arent a threat - it is a exception as lifted hand of a foreign human, and lifted paw of foreign cat - usually a threat!)

After a while you will smell of the mother even if she is still a little shy!
Rub in the smell of where she lays down...

When they dare - do touch them, handle them, pet them!

Look also at the other threads where they talk about socializing of feral cats.

good luck!
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I would give them some toys to play with that will get them into better spirits. Or also play a tape with nice cat or bird sounds, they will like that. Just be patient and dont rush to pet them, it may take some time but kittens socialize quick if your patient.
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First off set up a schedule so they know they can trust you (count on you) Go in there on set scheduled times every day. Food at certain times, playtime- (use things they would find outside, pine cones, leafs (non-toxic of course) a leafy tree branch, stuff like that. Feathers work great- peacock feathers work best.Litter pans scooped at the same time, food and water bowls always in the same place. While they eat, lay down flat on your back near them. Just empty your mind and lay still. Let them eat without you moving a muscle. They should soon investigate you, and if they do, just don't move. Let them have their fun. Then slowly get up and leave the room.

Whenever possible get low to the floor in their presence, don't make eye contact and just be patient. Read out loud to them and just be there at certain times and don't surprise them.If you hear them playing, resist the urge to go in and peek at them. If they are hiding, let them hide-

Good luck!
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Oh, precious babies! Hissy's advice is great, allow them to come to you as a friend. Kittens do love toys. After they begin to get used to you, drag a string near them, or a straw. Kits love to chase. Don't leave the string or straw with them, because they could get tangled or bite off a piece of the straw, but always have something good to entice them to play with you!
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