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Cat biting you

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Buster is our 10 year old male cat,we got him when he was just 10 weeks old & he has been our only cat until recently.A couple of years ago Buster bite me hard on the hand & i had to be treated in hospital for an infection so now i don't handle him much because i never know what he might do.
Now we have a 6 month old kitten,all Buster wants now is to be with me all the time,must be jealously on his part as he has never been this friendly before.
Problem is i just don't trust him Cause when he bites he bites very hard.
I feel guilty because now he wants to be friends.Our kitten snowball is the complete opposite he loves playing sitting on me,cuddles i don't think hes got a mean bone in his body but i feel sorry for buster,maybe i can trust him again [one day]
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It's normal to be nervous after such an experience. I'm wondering what the events were that led up to the bite. If the bite was an isolated incident resulting from a single experience viewed as negative by the cat, then you may be able to prevent him from biting again or predict the situations that may cause him to bite. I think if you allow yourself to handle and pet him briefly each day, and gradually increase the amount of time you spending handling him you may be able to become comfortable with him agian.
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