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Wishing you the best hun!!! Big hugs to you and Ty!
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We've been here a week and a half now and are starting to settle in. I still can't believe we made it here intact! Our new abode is a big log cabin, and the cats are literally climbing the walls with joy!

On a sad note, Luthien has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. I've started a thread in the health section about that.

I will be updating our webpage as soon as we get broadband, in about 3 weeks, and will be adding the story of our journey onto it for any who are interested.

We're in the Sugarloaf community, 8000 ft up Sugarloaf Mountain about 20 minutes from downtown Boulder. It is paradise. Thank you to everyone who followed us on this odyssey!!!
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Glad you made it here Sue! As soon as we can, PM me or email me so we can hook up somewhere. (I'll give better directions this time, I promise!!)
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So glad you made it safely. We're having great fall weather to welcome you. (And it will even be dry for Halloween - doesn't happen alot as any trick-or-treater can tell you).

I look forward to hearing about the journey with lots of cats. I barely handle taking my three to the vet at the same time.

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So glad you made it. I was thinking about you just a couple days ago! It's beautiful here, huh?
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I am so glad you made it safely! I can not wait to see more pictures of that gorgeous view!
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I'm so glad to hear you made it safely, Sue!
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I just found your moving thread. Wow....I can hardly wait for more pictures and stories about your adventure.
The view from your new place is awesome.

Here is a big hug for sweet Luthien.
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We had snow today, about 1/2", just enough to make everything look like a Christmas card.

Yesterday, we went down into town and walked around the Pearl Street Mall, a very cool pedestrians-only shopping district with street performers and cool statues for kids to climb on. On our way down, 5 mule deer crossed the road, Tybalt got out and was able to get about 3 feet from a big buck and took some awesome pictures. They were totally relaxed with us being there. I'm so glad hunting is not allowed on our mountain!
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Sounds like such fun, Sue! I hope you had plenty of coca cola on that journey!
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Nah, Sam, I'm a Pepsi girl. Tybalt drinks Coke.

I had enough Pepsi to turn my entire bloodstream caffeinated LOL. Day 1 was from Philadephia to St Louis MO, 15 hours of driving. Day 2 was 7 hours of driving, from St Louis to Salina, Kansas. And Day 3 was 8 hours, to Boulder. I wanted to do it in 2 days and not stop in Kansas, but he insisted. He now admits I was right LOL, we should have just pulled over and slept in a Rest Area.

I also ate far more peanut butter cups and fast food than I'd care to admit, on the trip.
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Pepsi *shudders* I should have remembered - it must have been Teresa that drinks the coke!

MMMMM fast food!
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