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Anyone heard of "Snappy Tom"?

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It's a wet food in those little tear-open packages and I've only seen it sold at Safeway here in Canada. It consists of what seems to be almost entirely raw fish and comes in flavours like "salmon and tuna" or oceanfish filets" and my cats both love it! I don't give it to them very often though since the packages have no ingredients listed or nutritional info, so I'm a little worried about what's in it. I was just wondering if anyone else had heard of it and what they thought. Thanks!
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Have you tried researching the company online? Do they have any contact info on the packages? I would try those two methods. But sorry, we don't have anythign like that here in GA.
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I shop Safeway but I haven't seen this brand in my state. I'd see if there is contact information on the package - a customer service number etc. I would not feed any food that doesn't list it's ingredients!
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My boss brought some samples back from a show they went to for me to try. The ingredients were on my packages, and looked decent (one flavour had artificial colouring but that's the only red flag I had), but to be honest I was GROSSED out when I opened the package. It's not in a gravy like some, it's gelatin-like, and there's chunks of fish (which isn't all appealing to look at). But the kitties LOVED it There's one that I have in a sardine can, I'm really scared to open it, just because of how the others looked, but I'm sure the kitties will go nuts over it!
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Ok, I've done some research, but there's not a lot out there about this product! Apparently Snappy Tom was originally made by an Australian seafood company called Safcol. It was recently bought by a Tropical, a Malaysian seafood corporation, who have plans to market Snappy Tom worldwide.

“Our plan is to establish a strong brand presence in Canada and use it as a platform to penetrate the lucrative US market, especially North America,â€

So you may be seeing it in the States soon! Here's what their website said about ingredients (although I'm not sure if I completely trust it):

"Our canned pet food are made from 100% premium fish with no added cereal or preservative. High in quality with added vitamins and minerals. Come in a wide range of flavors that appeal to all cats. Note: Packing Media: All in Jelly"

So it sounds pretty good. And the jelly thing didn't gross me out--I guess since I grew up in Norway and was always eating pickled fish in jelly as a kid! So any thoughts/concerns? Should I keep giving my cats their beloved Snappy Tom?
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I don't mind the jelly bit either...one of the better Fancy Feast flavors is a seafood in aspic where gasp, the fish looks like fish, skin/bones and all

I just wish you knew what if any preservatives, if they have a seasoning added such as garlic (I choose not to feed garlic to my cats). Honestly, the physical description sounds fine, I just don't like the no full ingredients list. Here, every can lists all added vitamins, minerals, as well as main ingredients.
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