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Cats & the TV

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Our 2 cats love watching tv, the other night the program was about Lions & you should have seen our cats.They were glued to the screen,the younger of our cats [Snowball] was trying to stalk the screen & Buster our old cat was growling everytime a male lion was on screen.
And just like us they wandered off when an add break came on LOL.

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Originally Posted by sanoptic
Our 2 cats love watching tv, the other night the program was about Lions & you should have seen our cats.They were glued to the screen,the younger of our cats [Snowball] was trying to stalk the screen & Buster our old cat was growling everytime a male lion was on screen.
And just like us they wandered off when an add break came on LOL.

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lol i would love to see your cats watch those lions again
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My kitty does the same thing - but it must be animal shows.

She adores tigers and polar bears.

(first time I've known a cat to do this! I couldnt believe it!)
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Mabby loves watching john play video games....she also tried to swat at the movement...her favorite game is Tony Hawk pro
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Our beloved Simba, who is now passed, used to love nature shows. He sat by the TV one night watching a show on cougars. They were showing the lines of the body and musculature of the cougar but in the picture the head was not being shown and Simba was going nuts looking around the side of the TV and trying to get behind to find the cat's head.

We were laughing so hard but he was so rapt he didn't even notice, just kept looking for the rest of the cougar.
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Our babies will sometimes watch the show with us, but it always seems to be in the spirit of joining us in our staring at it. They have yet to actually forget that they're in the room with us and swat at the screen, though when they were TINY kittens, they used to chase the mouse arrow around on the computer screen! LOL!! It was so funny!!
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Our cats like soccer, it's so much fun to try and catch the ball and the players.
Tilli is a huge Jim Carrey fan. He's completely fascinated by Carreys movement and can watch him intensely for half an hour or so.
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Most of our cats past and present... have not been huge on TV.

However, Tippy our middle black (part Siamese) does watch it sometimes, esp
the nature shows-- If she is on my Lazy-Boy extension sofa. She too likes the cat/lion/Africa shows. Sometimes she will watch Animal Planet's funniest videos. And occasionally she will watch a commercial.. but I fail to see what she sees, since usually there are no animals in the ones that get her attention.

The funniest story we have ever had with TV was Tippy and Godzilla.
I grew up with Godzilla...the old ones, 1950's vintage.

So every blue moon, if I am home on a Sat afternoon, our stations might
play one of the very old ones. The one that Tippy became entranced with
was Mothra.. Anyone remember that...? There is a long sequence, at least 20minutes where Mothra In the larval stage fights with Godzilla (the man in the rubber suit who stamps his feet etc)-- super fakey but fun.

Well, Tippy was on her cat pole/tree and was looking out the window and the strange sounds from the soundtrack caught her attention... so she really started to watch this encounter... and esp was RAPT when Mothra bit Godzilla's tail...and he then made a huge fuss...and swung Mothra around.
She was totally absorbed in this.... It was hysterically funny. I guess animals with a TAIL can relate? It was SOOOOO Slapstick and simple...I am thinking it was simple enough for her. Tippy is the one cat that runs around looking out our windows... all the time. She is not brave outside. Windows...TV.. seems to be a similarity there. She also scratches at windows.. when she wants us to look. We have "nose prints" on all the lower panes of the windows she favors!! Also mud streaks on our storm doors.

We have an intact male who comes to court our spayed girls.. ????? Anyway... we call him "kitty kitty" ... If we say "Where's kitty kitty??!!!" with an expectant voice... she will run around looking for him out all the windows (ours are low French type with sills). While it is funny, I do worry about her getting so intense about what is going on outside. She also keeps tabs on the other 2 cats this way, and will signal us when Sheba needs to come in. Our other cats could care less about looking out the windows..
So it is really Tippy's game!

Make one wonder sometimes ??? what goes on in THEIR heads!!!
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aww thats soo cute!
Haru likes simple animated comercials, but once he watched a whole anime episode with me (20something mins) i mean really, without blinking, sitting there like a statue moving his ears once in a while, he loved the fairies in it, but even when they wasnt there he would just wait for them
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Pierre likes watching big cat shows, and he'll pay attention if there's a lot of loud noises. Friday night I was watching the Red Sox game. Both Bob and Freckles jumped on the bed just as Manny Ramirez came to the plate and they continued to watch until Manny hit a homer. I guess they're psychic!
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Alfie likes the opening credits of StarTrek Voyager

I've yet to find a lion/tiger programme on tv at the right time, but can't wait to see what they make of it when I do! They both like chasing my mouse pointer on the computer too
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My Josie will sit and watch the Lion King with me.
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I saw a documentary once that showed the world from different viewpoints - human, dog, cat, mouse & owl. Interesting. It showed the tv flickering slowly for the dog & cat because they process images much quicker than humans. So in order to make sense for them, the images have to be refreshed much faster than for humans.
Geeky factoid for the day curtesy of pushylady!
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sounds like the other day when I was babysitting my Nanas doggie Trudie, there was a programme where there where a lot of dogs (Dogs at work - or something similar) and she heard one of the dogs bark and she woke up from a deep sleep and started running up to the TV and nutting off at it, and everytime a dog came on screen. It was hysterical, because in the month that Nana has had her that was the first time I had seen her bark!
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Oz likes to watch the weather channel, when the forecast predicts rain or snow and they have the little animation up. He's fascinated by the animated rain/snow.

We also have a DVD called "Aquarium in a Box," that my bf got me as a joke (the other feature on the DVD is "Fireplace in a Box"). Oz likes to watch the fish dart around the "aquarium," and will sit in front of the television for hours on end.

Spike has yet to notice that we even have a television. How he's missed the large, loud, warm box in the middle of our (small) living room, I'll never know ... Even when the TV makes loud, sudden noises (which startle Oz, my bf and I), Spike doesn't notice a thing. It's like the television doesn't exist for him.
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Someone on the site suggested Teletubbies and FInn and Darci love Teletubbies - I am not so keen on it. They come running in and will sit and watch it most of the show. You can see their little ears perk up. I took of tons pics of them watching it as I was unsure if anyone would believe it! I sure didn't. They also like the cat video with the birds. They can't reach my tv or I am sure they would chase the birds.
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Noodles loves to watch Veggie Tales. She MUST sit close to the screen or even stand up on her hind paws and put her nose to it. Mooch doesn't care. Noodles will also stand with her paws on the tv looking at her reflection and the reflections of things in the room when it is off. I should try getting her to look in a real mirror. My friend's cat loved to watch golf with her stepfather. Pumpkin liked the mouse on the computer screen. I think he still does. He also likes his reflection in the dishwasher...he licks it??? It's all cute!
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My cats watch TV only if it's about cats:

Preferably, a video of themselves.
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Reilly never takes much interest in watching TV. The odd time he'll watch "Animal Miracles" with me or dirt bike racing.
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