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Outside Cat Upsetting Indoor Cats-Territory Issues?

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I wrote about my cats not getting along in the thread, "New Fighting Among Old Buddies". Well, I believe I now know why. It's been three weeks with no change.

I've discovered a cat that is hanging around outside. Five o'clock this morning my Mother was woken by horrible noises. It was the outside cat (stranger, to us) crying and scratching at a cellar window wanting to come in. TwoPaws, my 7 year old was on the other side, very upset- to say the least. Misty, the 8 year old was upstairs frightened and looking for a place to hide.

I believe this is why TwoPaws has been attacking Misty. There is a territory issue here. Atleast, that is what I believe. Do you think?

We are not sure if this cat has a home. If it has, well- with the NorthEaster up here in NH I would think that its owners would have had it inside. I am going to try and catch the cat and find its owner OR hopefully find it a home OR take it to the Humane Society. It can't continue to hang around our house, upsetting everyone inside the house.

Once the cat is gone, do you think things will settle down? Or am I going to have to do a "reintroduction" with Misty and TwoPaws? They are free to roam- however they choose to not be in the same room. At times TwoPaws has tried entering a room with Misty, she does attack if Misty protests. What do you all think, is this territorial behavior? Misty is also reluctant, hesitant to go downstairs where she use to "hang" with TwoPaws and me. She never comes down except to sneak a use at the litter box. She continues to be afraid of TwoPaws.

Sorry this is so long. Welcome your thoughts on this.
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Oh, yes! That could very well be it. Redirected aggression induced by an outside cat! A classic!

New folks please check out this thread for this case history :

I closed that thread so as not to have double threads, Please try and post updates on the same threads and not start new ones... Thanks!
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Hi All,
It has been some time since I have asked for advice. All was helpful.

The past two weeks I have spent time at the local Humane Shelter (which is a no-kill facility, except for terminal illnesses or untrainable/uncontrollable, very bad behavior, i.e. biting)

They rented me a "Have A Heart" trap and I trapped 2 stray cats in two days. They've been living in the crawl space above our house, accessed via the garage. Since they were removed to the Humane Society there has been no more fights between Misty and TwoPaws. However, they continue to not socialize. They will not happily share the same space. I am trying at the moment, holding TwoPaws and giving Misty treats. This works for a very short period. Although, not without some protesting from TwoPaws. She will not stay with us if I do not hold her. She is NEVER interested in treats.

I continue to feel bad, as TwoPaws is very lonely. I try to rationalize that this is her "own fault" as she has frightened Misty by attacking her in the past. It doesn't help. I feel so bad for her! She comes upstairs to join the household, Misty runs away and hides. But then, TwoPaws leaves and goes back downstairs. I do not think she has any bad intentions, it is just fear now on Misty's part. Misty will NOT go downstairs with me, to my room where she use to hang out with me. It seems these two have divided the house up. Upstairs, main living area is Misty's- along with Baby, my parents Pug and Shadow, their cat. TwoPaws has the cellar and my bedroom which is attached to the cellar. It is NOT very sunny down there for her. All the sun is upstairs through a picture window. Also two caged birds that the cats like to look at.

Well, there it is. I guess I just need to leave it alone and eventually perhaps they will "make up" and be sociable again? I hope, do you think?

By the way, the two cats I relocated-- on one March 8th, the other on March 10th. Well, the first one was very aggressive and never calmed down. The workers tried everything with them- this IS A GOOD place, so I believe they truly did. The workers would always get bitten. I feel TRULY bad, but the cat is gone, now.

The other one, they discovered is an unneutered male (it took time to find out as he was too shaken up to be handled at first. He is 1-2 years old and they call him, "Montel". He is a fluffy mostly black medium hair cat with white chest and paws. Reminds me of "Slyvester", his coloring. I really liked him! However, I could not keep him or allow him to "hang-out" in our garage and crawl space. It was upsetting the household.

Well, I've written enough. Thanks again for all your help. I am continuing to try Rescue Remedy and a new Bach solution called Mimulus. It is suppose to help with "FEAR". I discovered this through a website on Bach Remedies. I do not remember the address. It has "Rainbow" in the title. If anyone is interested in looking up alternative medicine's for cats, check this site out!

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Montel- the 2nd cat I took to the Humane Society passed the leukemia test, has an appointment to be neutered and then will be put up for adoption! I am glad I was able to rescue him from the horrible weather and situation he was in. Though, I am terribly sad that the other one (almost identical!) was unable to be put up for adoption.
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