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Give a Stranger a Flower Day

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The link below contains something that I think is a wonderful idea and a great reprieve from all of the problems of the world. Evan, my boyfriend's older brother, is one of the head computer animators for Planit Agency in Baltimore, MD and the short animations on this site are part of his work that will be aired on local stations within Baltimore and D.C. It's a wonderful idea, and I wanted to pass it along to you all, in hopes that it would brighten your day and perhaps you would enjoy participating or passing it along to others who might enjoy a little smile today.

Buoyant Duck The work is really wonderful and takes hardly anytime to load. Give it a look and enjoy!
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Our local flower shop does an annual thing like that. They give you a dozen roses, and you're supposed to keep one for yourself and give the rest of them away. I didn't know anything about it until this year when a neighbor that I knew only as "the lady with the Yorkie" gave me a rose, so we could know each other by name. She knew me as "the lady with the Shih Tzu" since we always see each other when I'm bringing my Shih Tzu out to potty, and she's walking her Yorkie!

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That's so nice that you have something similar where you are Amber. I think it's a great idea. One little gesture like that really brightens someone's day more than one would think! I love the little animations on the Buoyant Duck site as well. They're so well done and I hope the encourage those in that area to participate on Oct. 1!
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I've never heard of give a stranger a flower day - but what a lovely sentiment it is.

Amber - what a wonderful story that is
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I don't have quick time on our computer network-I'll view and download at home thanks!!
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You have a specific day for it?!

I've only heard of Random Acts of Kindness that is of a similar thing, but you can do it at any time, anywhere! I'll take a look at the site too, sounds good! (so long as my dial-up holds out!)
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