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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Well, it's the first weekend of autumn (though it sure doesn't FEEL like it here in the south right now! )

So what is everyone up to this weekend?
PACKING! I keep looking around the house (especially the attic! ) and thinking that there is no way in H.E. Double toothpicks we'll get it all done in time!!!!
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I've got a wood bat tournament tomorrow. (I wish it wasn't wood.) Then on Sunday I have maybe a last batting practice with a teammate of mine. Time to
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studying.....blah......for Parsitology
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Work. work and more work!! We are treating children with cancer from a variety of places affected by Katrina. Some have no medical records so it has become as much an art as a science (prob true anyway) but I just hope we can figure out the right protocols. More and more cvhildren are being matched with parents and their docs so things are improving!! So much has been lost though and these kids now have even more trauma to cope with, on top of every thing else, not to mention how their families are doing. I am exhausted but how can I even begin to complain - I get to go home to Nova Scotia next week - to a hospital well staffed and with all its resources and every child with access to care. It's nirvana compared to the struggles these children and families face!!
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Saturday I'm off, so we'll probably do a bit of laundry and cleaning around the house, but generally will relax. Lots of extra snuggling up with my girls and time here onlne!
Sunday I work the night shift, 8pm-8am, so will try to get a nap in the afternoon before going in.
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This afternoon was spent recovering from last night. Earl's new DJing gig at a new club had a sneak preview night last night (they are moving to Saturdays next week), sp being the supportive wife I went out for that last night. Stayed out way too late and drank a tiny bit too much. I actually did pretty good this morning at work for only 4 1/2 hours of sleep. But I crashed when I got home, and felt worse this afternoon than I did this morning because my sleep schedule is all messed up.

Tonight we're watching the AFL (Australian Rules Football) Grand Finals, which is live in Australia now. Probably be up too late again tonight watching the end of the game. GO SWANS!!

Tomorrow - SLEEP!!!!

Sunday - Watch NASCAR (GO TONY STEWART!!!), probably watch some football, and hopefully get some cross stitching done.

Overall, a lazy weekend.
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Originally Posted by valanhb

Sunday - Watch NASCAR (GO TONY STEWART!!!), probably watch some football, and hopefully get some cross stitching done.

Overall, a lazy weekend.

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Ohwell I guess my plans kind of changed! I'll tell ya..

Yesterday(Saturday) I did clean all morning. The house looks and smells delightful!

I went around to my Nanas at about 11.30ish to feed her cats etc! My Dad is staying there, we lazed around to about 4pm then we went visiting and went to a friends for dinner!

Came home at about 7pm and my boyfriend Matt came around and it was great, we watched the League semi final. He not long left (it's 11pm) and I'm just lazing around, going to finish some chores and then get showered, get dressed and go down and feed Nanas kitties again!

Then this afternoon Mum & I are going food shoping, & gotta get Nana a present!

Tonight I'm going around to my friends to watch some DVD's! COOOOOL!
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i went crazy this morning and packed my suitcase.
I then cried and cried untill 2 pm, and ben literally waited for me in the car untill i was done so we could go food shopping. Although i had told him i did not want to go. I came back and i was dizzy, i have not eaten much in the last couple of days. I hate being love sick
I watched ben pack up the groceries, push the trolly, and return the trolly, bring in the groceries to the house, and then he even did the dishes.
I have done nothing all day, i called my friend as i was having a break down adn she said she will call me when she got home, her daughter had a baby! so thats some good news.
I stayed there untill 10:15 and got home at 10:30
well tomorrow i will need to eat something and actually clean.
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