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What are your weekend plans?

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Well, it's the first weekend of autumn (though it sure doesn't FEEL like it here in the south right now! )

So what is everyone up to this weekend?
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NOTHING! Yahoo! This is the first weekend in ages that we don't have any weddings, showers, parties, etc. so it's gonna feel great to relax.

I would like to go buy some Fall decorations for the house though!
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Staying alive
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I wish I could say the same, I have a wedding tomorrow. But other that that and football Sunday (hopefully winning some money!) nothing but enjoying some long walks in the cool air!!! Long awaited, I hate summer!!! I bet if I was skinnier I wouldn't mind, though!
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Originally Posted by caprice
Staying alive

You'll be fine Candie....we have to think positive!
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I have an anniversary party to go to tomorrow night. It should be fun it's their first anniversary and they are announcing their baby news to everyone as well (I've known for weeks, hehe). Sunday will be consumed with watching hours and hours worth of football & Desperate Houswives too!!
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Tomorrow morning I'm working at the visitation center. Following that I'll join Brendan at his house where a whole bunch of boys who own Volvo's have convened (it's a Florida Turbobricks forum meet) and spend some time there. Later in the afternoon I'll be teaching Hardbodies and Washboard Abs, and then after that I have no idea what we'll be up to! I suspect we'll drop back by the meet (which starts today, though the only day I'm participating is tomorrow) for a bit or head out with some friends. Maybe we could even just lay around and relax for the night?! That actually sounds like the best option if you ask me!

Sunday I'll be waking up and finishing whatever homework I don't get done today. In the afternoon it's back to the center for me and after that it'll be back to my place to watch the season premiere of Desparate Housewives with Brendan and Tiffany. I think that should cover it!
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Staying dry and hoping I don't get stranded here until next Tuesday or Wednesday! Or that the University will be closed until then if I have to.
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I will be taking my dog to the vet for yearly vaccinations, then going to watch my daughter in the halftime show for their high school marching band tomorrow night and then Sunday driving to Atlanta and back to pick up my other daughter. Oh, and cutting the grass. Busy weekend!
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Originally Posted by Sandtigress
Staying dry and hoping I don't get stranded here until next Tuesday or Wednesday! Or that the University will be closed until then if I have to.

I know what you mean! I'll probably be reading and sleeping!
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Well, I cleaned and did the laundry this afternoon, and I've got all my lessons for next week prepared, so I'll probably do some reading, watch some "Law & Order" DVDs, and catch up on my emails. Other than that, I'm planning on making and canning lots of spaghetti sauce (we still have tomatoes coming out of our ears!). I'll be tuned into CNN, too, to follow Rita's course.
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Taking my daughter shopping and having lunch - she moves away to University in just over a week

Sunday - watching motor racing, listening to the football and generally relaxing before the new intake arrive at work on Monday
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Tonight I'm taking my boyfriend out to a swanky French-fusion restaurant in honor of his birthday. Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to, and I hope to attend a neighborhood block party on his side of the island afterward. Sunday I'd like to check out the new art exhibit at the botanical gardens (also in his area) and take the walking tour. It's a beautiful place, but I gotta make sure I have plenty of mosquito repellant! Then it's back to preparing for the daily grind of work on Monday...so that means getting laundry done.
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tonight i work...tommrow I am going to the Husky Hike and steve works...sunday is "our day" which will be sitting in bed in the Am watching nascar and football..evening i work and he goes to band practice
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I am having a rummage tomorrow! I also have 3 different pet sitting jobs this weekend!!!
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I have to take Pixie to the vet tomorrow for her shot. Then do some shopping, which is always fun . Sunday I think we may go and visit some friends...not really in the mood but my bf really wants to go, and since we didn't go last weekend cuz I didn't want to, I kinda feel as if I should go. I hope for a weekend soon, of just doing nothing...*sigh*...
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SLEEP.... lawn.... SLEEP... house cleaning... SLEEP...

with dh gone I have a lot of free time.... to SLEEP on the weekends.
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Tonight: Cut my back yard. Right now the grass is so long, small children can get lost in it.

Tomorrow: spend QUALITY time with my lovely daughter and my beautiful kitties before I leave for 5 days!

Saturday night: spent QUALITY time with my boyfriend...daughter... cats...

Sunday morning, I fly out for Las Vegas!
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This weekend I have NO plans!!!
Tonight me and my friend are going to the YMCA and then nothing much after that!
Tomorrow I get my haircut (FINALLY) in the morning and then I plan on doing some shopping! The weather is supposed to be wonderful so hopefully we will get a ride on the motorcycles up on the hills this weekend, I love lazy weekends!
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well on sat and sun i have to go and ride and muck out my horses and then will be at the stables all day on sunday because i have a test and tomorrow were going on a long long long hack.
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I think I'm pretty free this weekend. I think I'm going to try to get bf wasted tonight, unless he's sleeping when I get home which he is probably 60% of fridays.. I think we might go to a movie tomorrow, we've been talking about it for months but haven't made it anywhere yet..
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Well, since it's been such a hectic week, it was going to start with a nice relaxing evening at home tonight, but my sister-in-law just called and just asked if I could babysit while she and my brother go out to eat. I migth have been able to resist and say no if it weren't for an adorable baby boy (my nephew, Liam) laughing into the phone.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
You'll be fine Candie....we have to think positive!
...I support this!!!
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Braeden and I are the only ones home this weekend. Tomorrow morning we are going birthday shopping (he turns 4 on the 29th) for him with my dad, and probably to breakfast.

I still have tons of tomatoes and peppers coming from the garden, so I think I will make my first attempt at canning salsa and sweet pepper rings at some point over the weekend.

The older boys are with their dad, but have a home football game tomorrow night. If it's not raining, we may go.

Joe's gone till Tuesday night, so I guess it's going to be quiet around here until then!
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Originally Posted by caprice
Staying alive
Awwww Candie we'll be thinking of you all

Well i'm doing some serious retail therapy tomorrow because the perfumes are going down and i want to get a bit more christmas shopping done.

My nextdoor neighbours away this weekend so i won't have to have her round at all hours of the day whining about her relationship problems!

In all a lazy weekend!
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Tonite just veggingout.
Tomorrow run Bobber to vet for a shot then go to Oktoberfest which means lots of eating!!! There is a craft show their too but hubby is with me so I'll have about 10 minutes!! Some errands and then bundle the corn up and start cleaning up veggie garden. Reading a new novel too. Sunday to far in the feature yet!!
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Tonight- Not too sure, playing with new cell phones, drinkin' and palin' around with my BF Emily, and playing Galaga!
Tomorrow- DB going to Albany for an auction, so me and the BF are going Halloween party shopping (need cool ideas)
Sunday- Eating dinner at BF mom's house and that's the only plans I have of this moment!
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Woohoo, it's school holidays for two weeks!

I really should be studying, my final exams are coming up soon and it they will determine whether I make it in NCEA Level 2 or not!

It's Saturday morning here and I'm just going to relax and do some chores, maybe some studying. At the moment I'm eating Baked Beans with Sausages on Toast for breakfast and an apple juice. I've got to go around to my Nanas this afternoon to feed her cats as she is away on a judging trip. Not too sure what I'm going to be doing tomorrow yet, hopefully see my boyfriend!

Have a good weekend everybody!
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Tonight I'm cat adoptor queen for my rescue group (you can call me "dances with cats". )

Saturday I'm going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Sunday I'm going to be lazy.

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With Carmen fighting for life, last weekend was awful, truly awful.

I'm going to spend this weekend just keeping myself to myself, and try to keep my chin up.
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