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Foster is really nosey...and its getting irritating!

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I took in two 'foster' cats a month and a half ago, roundabouts. Two eight week old boys, one solid black and one tuxedo (you may remember the post in SOS about Cap'n Jack and Sparrow).

As it stands, their names are now Izzy (the black) and Dash. I named Dash that way because he has a little dash of white on his forehead. As it turns out, I should have named Izzy Dash instead, because that's all he does!

He's a very sweet little kitty. If I'm sitting down he has to be on my lap. If I'm walking around the house he has to be on my heels the whole way. If I'm in a room he can't get too he cries outside the door (fortunately, only for a couple of minutes and then he stops). If I'm walking around he 'hugs' the back of my leg (no claws, just bounces up and wraps his arms around my leg as if he's hugging me). If I'm bent over he jumps up on my back and sits on my shoulder. He purrs constantly and loves everyone. He knows no enemies (his brother is the same way, but Izzy takes it to the extreme).

The problem is, he's become a horrible door dasher and EVERYTHING belongs to him. Any time I open a door in the house, be it to a room or even to the outside...he darts right through it. His brother has learned that a gentle push backward with a foot and a 'no' means to stay out, but Izzy will just come right back and try and slip in. This is dangerous for him because he slips in the rabbit room (they WILL bite him) and because he also tries to dash outside. He usually stops if he slips by me and lets me pick him up, but I'm afraid one time he will not stop. There are a lot of feral cats around, not to mention a busy highway nearby. He also jumps in the fridge every time I open it, or a cupboard, or the dishwasher, and I'm afraid one time I'm going to shut him in there by accident.

He's very very nosy. If I bring groceries in the house he jumps in the bags and starts pulling things out, and only gets more determined to do it the more I deter him. He does the same when he gets in the fridge...he'll grab whatever is nearest (which is usually the dog meat that's thawing) and try and make off with it.

During feeding time, he'll jump in the food bowl from the counter (total kamikaze jump) which usually results in the food being spilled everywhere or him crashing gracelessly to the ground. If I'm eating, he will climb up and put his nose in my food and only get more determined the more I deter him. Doesn't matter where I am or what I'm eating.

He gets fed plenty and he's good weight, he's just horribly nosy and exceedingly stubborn. I've taken to using a squirt bottle to halt his door dashing and to chase him off from my food, but it only seems to stop him that once and he still tries to find sneaky ways to get around it. Anyone have any ideas?
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Hmmm sounds like you have a curious cat. Our Bijou and Mika are the same - they have to run and see everything that's going on and have their noses inches from where you are trying to do something. They haven't seemed to outgrow it but have mellowed a bit. Good luck!
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They are only babies. I'm sure he will mellow out
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My two could be sound asleep, but as soon as i get up to go anywhere such as the kitchen, their there
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