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Special daily "rituals"

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Every morning after I've had breakfast, Gracie follows me into the kitchen and gets all purry and talkative. I then pick her up and give her lots of lovin', tell her how sweet and pretty she is and get lots of kisses. I always say, "Sometimes mommies need their pretty little cat girls and sometimes pretty little cat girls need their mommies. Then, she gets her daily treat of "yummies" (Whiskas Temptations).

This is a daily occurrence and means a lot to both of us. Do have any special daily rituals you share with your cats?
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Every morning when my alarm goes off, Harley stretches and gives me kisses good morning and he gets his love too! When I'm in the shower he usually waits by the door until I'm done and then I get dressed and then he gets all of his hugs and kisses and his treats too (Whisker Temptations too!!) and then he gets fed! He will usually lay in the bathroom while I'm getting ready, or sit on the toilet seat, haha! Then until I go to work its play time and then he usually sits in the window and watches us leave and sleeps there til we get back! Sometimes I wonder how I ever managed to start my day without my daily kitty kisses!!
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Oh you bet we have daily rituals! My kits wouldn't have it any other way!

When my alarm goes off, Eponine jumps up on the bed and we have our morning snuggle. By then, Cosette is standing at the foot of the bed, meowing like crazy. So I have to get up and she does her little "Mommy's-About-To-Watch-Me-Eat-Dance (2 quick circles, a chirp, and a beeline for her food bowl). I have to sit there and pet her while she eats breakfast for a few minutes.

All this before I've even gone to the bathroom! But the girls and I are all dependent on this morning ritual, so I don't mind a bit
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Cat-related rituals in my house:

Snickers is the first; he sleeps right ON me so when it's time for Mommy to wake up, he gets me up! He nibbles my nose, paws my head (sometimes it's like he is punching my head though), walks on me. I don't really need the electronic alarm clock no-more, cuz I have my Snicky.

And then next step: me in shower. I can't function til that shower. Zorro & Hammie HAVE TO be in the bathroom with me; in my half-sleep stage, I wait until Hammie & Zorro are in the bathroom and settled before I am allowed to shower.

Next step: exit bathroom, must feed cats. The other 4 wait patiently outside the bathroom door & then all 6 follow my heels to the kitchen & take their spots. They ALL HAVE SPOTS where they stand & meow, or sit & trill, or just "wait with that hunger look" til I feed them. (They are NOT hungry: 4 of my 6 cats are overweight!).

Other rituals: no one in my house is allowed, really, to use the bathroom unless Hammie is in there with ya. If you lock the door, he will attempt to open it; don't lock it? He can OPEN it with his paws. For some reason Hammie is really obsessed with watching people pee!

Another ritual is ... the nighttime "cat count" as I call it. I cannot and willnot go to bed til I know where each cat is. If (big, fat IF) they don't follow me upstairs, I go looking for them. Normally, the bedtime ritual means as soon as mommy starts turning out lights, Hammie, KC, Snickers & Zorro get into their 'spots' on my bed! And then I find room.

Yes my life revolves around my cats.
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