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The Wandering Cat: Rambling Fiction

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The Wandering Cat

Hello there, my name is Drifter and I am a wandering cat. My stories will be sort of a running commentary of my life and travels.

Rufus and Lukey are friends and their person Howard is going to tell my stories in Human for me, as I never learned how to use a computer or type.

Anyway my 1st story starts in what you Humans call the Dark Ages. 1433 actually when I was born in a wagon that was part of a trading company of merchants who roamed all over Europe trading goods and services at fairs.

My momma was a pretty cat black as midnight and was the companion to a human woman who was an herbal healer and fortuneteller. She was living with a man who traded in silks and Eastern spices. There were people in this company who traded or had skills in almost anything you could imagine. We had Weavers, Musicians, and Copiers, remember this was in the days when all books were hand copied. There was cooper and a farrier and smiths. We also had men who were soldiers because there were robbers and brigands all over who would steal anything they could. We were almost a town on wheels and foot all by ourselves and we would spend the spring and summer months going from town to town.

I was born in the town of Toledo in what would become Spain but was then still a Moorish town. This was where my Humans would spend their winters and where the Silks and Spices that the man traded came to from the East.

In my 1st life us cats didn’t have it anywhere as easy as so many of you cats do today. We were supposed to work for our living. Most of us lived around farms or stores where we ate the mice and rabbits that tried to eat the Humans grains and vegetables. In the traveling company we cats did much the same thing but we lived in the wagons and kept the mice out of them.
I spent my early days learning all of the things a kitten has to learn to become a successful cat and to cope in the world of humans. Mama was a good teacher to me and my 3 littermates. We learned to catch mice and rats to go out of the wagon or house to do our†bidness†and when to purr and suck up to the humans for a treat or a petting or a good scritch. We needed those a lot more then than you cats do now cause there weren’t any flea collars or Revolution or powder or any of that stuff. We were all lousy, in the literal sense with fleas and lice and tics and all sorts of critters. If ennything the Humans had it worse than us in that regard cause many of them would never take a bath cause of some religious thing or superstition. Our people didn’t live anywhere near as long then as now either. There weren’t any doctors or badernarians, and let me tell you, you’ll never hear me bitch about having to go to one. All of you kittys that squawk about it must be on your 1st lives or you would be glad to go. We didn’t have any fresh canned food or tuna fish or treats like you do today we didn’t even have lectrik lites. That’s why they call it the dark ages. They really should have called it the bug infested, stinky, no toilet paper, this really sucks ages.

By the time my mama got us weaned and we had started earning our own keep we had been on the road for weeks. We were on our way to the 1st fair of the year to be held in what is now Paris France but then was no more than a wide spot in the road where there was a place to ford the River Seine. The fair would last a week and we would start making money there. 1st though we had to cross all of Iberia and the Pyrenees Mountains which are pretty high and it’s very cold there in the spring with lots of snow and ice still.

We would stop every afternoon by a stream and set up our camps and the Men would go and hunt and the Women would start the fires and everyone would help to repair the tack for the horses and the wagons and would be repairing clothes and shoes and everything. There weren’t no Wal-Mart to go to for a new pair of jeans or Nikes or Fritos.

There will be more of this story later and more stories too but this Human Howard has the attention span of a Gnat and is lazy to boot and has to also help Roofie run his bar so we will stop here for now. Howard sez it might helt you Humans to copy and save this so u don’t lose track cause he sez he ain’t going to write everyday. Drifter

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Gee, thank you purpaw Howard for riting Drifters stories, me and Tia be waiting to here more of them. We likes them, yur friends jasper and tia
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Thank you, Howard, for riting such gud stories for us. We like Drifter alreddy an cant wait for more. If we had lives so long ago we don member them.
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oh, this is fun! is good for meowmies to reed to their kitties!
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