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not using litter box

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I'm worried about my male cat, ziggy (he's about 6 months) this morning I was in my closet picking out clothes when I noticed him squatting on the floor in front of me looking very strange, he like, continued to sit there for a few minutes then when I started to walk away he followed me and when I looked back I noticed he peed all over my bag that was on the floor (I should have known, he was walking through the carpet sort of making digging motions with his hands before settling on top of the bag).

He doesn't do this all the time, but within the past three weeks this is the third time he has done it and I'm starting to worry, should I bring him to the vet? or is this because he shares a litter box with my other cat (they never had a problem with it before)

he also has a problem with constantly meowing all the time, my vet didn't seem to worried when I asked him about it during one of his kitten check ups, but this morning before this happened he was meowing non stop for what had to be an hour (he does this nearly every morning until I get up) and now I'm beginning to wonder if something is hurting or bothering him...

any advice would be great, thanks!
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Anytime there's a problem with innapropriate elimination, they should bee seen by the vet to rule out medical issues. Then if that's all clear you can work on behavioral. Your kitty may have a urinary tract infection, and the only way to tell for sure is by having a urinalysis done.
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since he is only 6 months old - let me ask you. Is he neutered?? If not he might be starting to mark his territory!!!!!! But I would also not rule out a medical issue and call your vet!
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he isn't neutered, not yet I really need to get that done...
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I would agree that a vet visit is in order to rule out an infection.

I would also suggest you have at least 2 litter boxes with 2 cats. Our cats have 2 and they tend to pee in one and poo in the other and they also share boxes.
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I've been reading through other posts made on the form and I think I am going to go and get another litter box today after work to see if that helps any.
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I would take him to the vet to check for any medical issues. It's been my experience that when they're not using the litter box there is a health problem!
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He's trying to tell you there is something wrong. I'd lay donuts to dollars that he's got a UTI and needs to be on antibiotics. Get a urine sample and take it to the vet. To get a sample, take a small very clean box, and put some of those styrofoam pellets, then leave him with the box until he pees. Dump the pee in a double baggie and take it to the vet ASAP. Or you can siphon it up. But the way he is looking at you, the way he is peeing on clothes, its a good indication of a UTI.

And I second...uh,..third...the suggestion to have one cat box per every two cats, plus one. E.G. ...2 cats, 2 boxes,...3 cats, 2 boxes, 4 cats 3 boxes.

As to the crying it could be connected or could be something else entirely. and neutering by 6 months at least, because if he learns to spray it's hard to get him to "unlearn" it.
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Bowser was doing that for awhile, peeing on everything soft and on the floor - we immediately got another litter box (now, one upstairs, one downstairs) and he is doing great. Both our cats also share boxes.

Good luck!
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thanks for the advice everyone I bought a second box, if he does it again I'm taking him to my vet
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