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how much do I feed my 3months old

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I have been giving her a small plate filled with royal canin dry granuels in the morning time and dilluted milk during the eve....and ofcourse plenty of water to lap up. But she seems to be hungry after every five minutes. she would lick the empty plate. Do i need to feed her more?
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I free fed my two when they were that age, running around burns a lot of calories off! They have biscuits down all day, with a plate of wet food in the evening, and a saucer of cat milk in the morning.
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Serenity eats as much as she desires at scheduled feedings throughout the day..or whenever she says she's hungry! This is a very important period of growth for your kitty, and she requires adequate protein and nutrients in her diet.
I would suggest you consult her Vet regarding the proper amount of food for her unique needs. Also, most cats are lactose intolerant, and following weaning do not require milk in their diet.
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I asked the same quetsion recently, and was told that they most often will regulate themselves, eating what they need if they are free fed. I do see that with my two kittens; one is about 10 weeks and the other 13 weeks or so. They have food in their bowls all day (dry) and will go and eat now and then, but not overeat. Only once, when they got a large amount of wet food, did they both eat until their tummies filled out. So I will portion out a smaller amount of that stuff. But the dry, they will eat proper amounts of. They seem happy with this solution.
I will probably portion out spesific amounts to them when they become adults, as I have had 2 overwheight cats in the past, and don't want that to happen again. Then again, if they seem to not overdo it, maybe they still are able to monitor that themselves even as adult cats.........
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I agree, at that age I think they should be able to eat whenever they are hungry. Dax always had access to fresh kitten kibble and I would give her a small spoon or two of wet, 3-4 times a day.
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I would let her free feed on kitten dry, and give her the best quality canned food you can obtain, twice a day. I would not give her diluted milk as most cats can not tolerate milk sugar (lactose). The other consideration, is she an indoor kitty only, and has she ever been wormed?
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