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caffeine addicted!

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Having returned from the hospital - I have a few / lot of internal problems and one of these has been made worse by the amount of caffeine i intake daily. Problem is that I have a coffee and am fine, after about 3/4 hour, I start getting massive headaches and pain killers wont shift it. However, coffee, coke all do within minutes of being swallowed.
Anyway, I am told that I need to start to wean myself off. I did a few weeks ago, went through two weeks of migraines and then realised. Huge coffee, within an hour I was back to normal.
The hospital say that I am addicted to caffeine and it is a drug (? - really???) and i have to come off, albeit slowly. Change diet etc etc etc
Whilst in Canada and the US many years ago, I recall having or buying some small like coffee bean shaped sweets - they gave you the caffeine and were excellent with a coffee taste - but a reduction in the caffeine. Do any of you know of these or an alternative that I could have shipped over to the UK please.
It may have even been a mate in Oz that bought me some over but again, cant recall, so anything further afield any one know of?
Many thanks
seriously addicted to caffeine
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When i lived in melbourne (australia) we had pocket coffees they are the sweets you are talking about and i even like them.
I have not seen the exact brand here but i know you can get them here, i could post some over if you like.
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you got, please and I will pay you whatever it costs, postage and packing =
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Oh, you really are addicted, aren't you! It's kind of crazy how much and how quickly one can become that way. Here in the US, we have these chocolate-covered coffee beans that are very very good. We'd have to do an analysis of caffiene per bean, which I'm sure I could find. Also, remember to drink TONS of water during this process, and do decaffinated coffe and soda.

I am only slightly addicted myself, and even that can be unpleasant. Believe me, your life will be much better without this! And your internal issues may let up a bit....

Let me know if you'd like more info on the coffee beans...
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I think you are thinking of the coffee beans too.
Can you try this.... start mixing your coffee with defcaffienated coffee. Say 3/4 regular and 1/4 decaf. Then continue to increase the amount of decaf that you drink.
I know yrs ago one of my co-workers drank over a 6 pack of Mountain Dew soda daily.
She for health reasons had to decrease her caffeine intake. She I think went cold turkey and was REALLY CRABBY for a couple of weeks plus the headaches.
In addition when I was in my late 20's I was diagnosed with an stomach ulcer. One of the triggers was caffeine so when it acted up I laid off the caffeine for several days.
Just take it slow.
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Fortunately I am only moderately addicted. I have two cups coffee in the am, and maybe a diet coke or two during the day. Hubby is seriously addicted, like you. We've gone cold turkey a couple of times, and while I had a mild headache (I was at home so I could lay around and relax) Hubby got throwing up sick for a couple of days it was that bad.

Not sure if it would work, but the "stay awake" pills like Vivarin, No-Doz, etc., are usually nothing more than caffeine (read the label.) Although using those and then reducing the dosage might be harder than just going the decaffeinated/caffeine route.
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I was became ill earlier in the year and I was unable to eat or drink at all - I was in hospital getting all of my fluids and nutrition through a IV line while I was there - no caffiene for ages! I had been a mild-moderate coffee junkie, but when I was finally given the OK to have fluids again, I tried a cup of coffee and it tasted like crap!! Because I was fully de-toxed it just didnt appeal to me anymore. Unfortunatly I live with a coffee fiend, and over the months I have wound back into my old habits a little, although not as bad as before I find tea much more refreshing now but I still need a cup of two of old faithful to keep me going.

If you like tea, you should try and switch to that as much as you can. It may be a good way to start cutting down - it still has caffiene but not nearly as much and it has other benificial compounds.
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Here I have this Dosis! ....-----> 2 Cups per day, not less...........
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