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Hi. I have 2 cats. I have a black and white male called Elvis - no, I am not an Elvis Presley fan, just thought the name was cool!, and a tabby called Kali. When Kali was a kitten, she looked like a silver tabby, but she has gotten darker as she has got older. She is not a brown tabby though - she's in between. Elvis is 2 years old and kali is nearly a year.

I did have another cat called Sam. He was a rescue cat. He had been given to the CPL because the family who had had him also had young children and when he scratched them for yanking his tail, they got rid. He was fine until we got Kali and then he disappeared and we haven't seen him since.

I'm gonna go and scan some pics in and I'll post them later on.
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Ok. Here is Elvis lying in my towel basket!
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This is Kali posing. She's quite the lil' lady.!!
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Welcome Alicia, Elvis, and Kali!

Your cats are beautiful, and look very content and well cared for.

Enjoy your time here!
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Thanx Cleo.
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Welcome, Alicia. Beautiful cats!
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Thanx Dawn.
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Welcome & thanks for the pics. They look well loved and content. They are luck to have such a loving owner. Hope to see you posting often.
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Glad you have joined us! What beautiful cats you have! Thanks for posting the pictures of them!
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