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poked in the eye!

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I'm used to being woken up by a punch in the eye socket by my 15yr old cat, Tabitha. She used to just do this at breakfast time if i'd been lazy enough to try for a sleep in. But lately she's started doing it all the time. Even now as i sit typing, she is sat on the desk poking me in the face. I've tried giving her lots of extra attention but nothing seems to make a difference. Its as though i'm not allowed any time to myself at all. She's never been this clingy before, in fact she's always been very independant. She's eaten and she's been outside so i just don't understand whats wrong with her. I have noticed that she seems to forget when she's been fed and asks for more a few minutes later, even if there is still food in her bowl. Could she be going senile? Or is she just greedy lol?
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Awwwww sounds to me that she's hinting for some attention?!

My Sophie does something similar where i could be on the computer and she'll come and sit by the chair, stand on her back legs and start tapping at my arm or leg As soon as i reach down to tickle her head she starts headbutting my hand and start purring, but all she's wanted is a little loving from her mum
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Don't knock it. Carmen woke me with a gentle poke in the eye every day until she died. You would miss it if it wasn't there.

I reckon she's just after some attention. If she's getting on a bit, they can in some cases get even more clingy. Treasure it!
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thanks for replying.
Tabs only been with me for 2 years. She was a rescue cat and is a bit funny about being stroked or picked up, so its difficult to know how to give her attention sometimes. She's spoilt rotten of course. I haven't been able to sit in my favourite chair since she decided it was hers lol. But every scratch or early morning rude awakening is worth it for her company.
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