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Sulfa drug allergy in cats

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Has anyone experienced a sulfa drug allergy or drug reaction in their cats? I recently brought home two new kittens that had Coccidia and were being treated with Albon. The vet suggested we also treat our older cat (9 years) named Claws because Coccidia is highly contagious. I was very careful to keep their liter boxes, food, etc separate during this time. Anyway, Claws took the medication at the time with no problem but then about three days after ending the medication he started having vomiting, loss of appetite and slight lethargy. The kittens didn't have any problems at all and have been fine. I took Claws to the vet a couple of days ago and they detected a heart murmur and suspected that he may have a thyroid problem. They gave him anti-nausea medication which has helped to get him feeling better and at least eating a little and keeping something down. The full thryoid test results will not be back for several days but so far the initial blood tests and the first part of the thyroid test have looked fine. When I was at the vet I asked if the medication might have been a problem but they acted like it couldn't possibly cause any reaction in cats. I just did a search on the Internet that mentioned something about side effects from Albon causing vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, etc. Why would the vet not even know about this?!! Has anyone had a cat that reacted to this same medication or another sulfa drug? Also, Claws was tested for Coccidia when I took him to the vet and he is negative so that is not what is causing his symptoms.

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Reactions to albon are very rare, which is probably why your vet said that. Also, if it were a reaction to the medication you should have seen the adverse effects in the beginning. It may have just been a fluke that it all happened about the same time.There are a wide variety of things that can cause the symptoms you describe, it sounds like your vet is working on figuring it out.
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