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Yay For Max!!!

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I am so excited I had to tell you guys about this...

Max is an actor and has recently been getting back into some independent theatre and short films since having a break for about a year.

It is his love and passion and he is very talented, and great to watch.

A couple of weeks ago he went for a big audition with a Perth theatre company called Barking Gecko. This company does shows for children and teenagers and travels around. It meant months of full time work and a lot more money than he gets paid at the hospital he works at now.

Well, he found out today he got the part!! He is soooo excited - he gets to learn puppetry, gymnastics and all sorts of cool things. The show will be a part of the Festival of Perth and is touring the whole state!

I am so proud of him and yes, must admit, I did want to share his good news with everyone.

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That is great news!!, Congrats Max!!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
That is great news!!, Congrats Max!!
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Congratulations to Max from the TCS group!!
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You must be proud! YAY!
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Way to go Max...Break a Leg mate.
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Aww that is great news way to go Max
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This is fantastic, Sarah!Congratulations, Max!
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Big Congratulations to Max
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Congratulations Max - you're right to be proud . It's so great that you want to share it with us
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That is so wonderful that he has followed his passion and now it is really paying off! Way to go Max!
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How exciting! Congratulations to Max and thank you for sharing. It's always nice to hear good news!
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Exciting news!
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Congratulations. How wonderful to work in a field that you really enjoy.
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Wonderful for him!! He must just be estatic!!

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WTG, Max!! That's awesome news, Sarah. Thanks for sharing.
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