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Email Petition Please Copy And Forward To Family & Friends  

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This petition will be sent to Governor Gray Davis of California in pursuit for justice for Max Baltrons.
Most of you here know the story of Max, but for all intents and purposes, this email will be forwarded to many people that aren’t aware of this cause. The information below if for those who are not apprised of the situation at all.

On September 29, 2000, a man was walking with two unleashed dogs on private property. A cat was attacked by the dogs. When the cat tried to defend himself and scratched the dog, the man became enraged and took it upon himself to beat the cat with a golf club. He saw that the cat did not die from using the golf club, so he then picked up a rock and smashed his head in.

The following day Ms. Baltrons, (owner of Max) was tipped off by witnesses that the same man was passing in her backyard again. She ran out to confront him, only to be threatened by the same weapon he used to beat the cat. Her ten year old niece could see this man was extremely angry and she ran to call 911.
The police came and he was arrested and within minutes released. James Lacy IS A JUVENILE PROBATION OFFICER for Sacramento County. A very difficult case is being pursued against this man; as we are dealing with an officer of the law and it appears that the very same law that is supposed to be protecting it’s citizens, is protecting this criminal! Police reports have been falsified, the weapon (evidence) returned to him! Finally, the man has been formally charged with Felony Animal Abuse and Brandishing a Weapon. Now, it also appears that the DA may not pursue the case!!! WHY?? Could this be due to the fact that he is a police officer? Where is the line of justice drawn? Does it sit well with you knowing that 6’2 man that is an officer of the law kill a harmless pet and threaten to beat a woman guide already troubled youths!?? If you would like further information on Max’s fate and Ms. Baltrons story, please visit this website : www.geocities.com/justice4max/index.html

Please sign your name, you may make any comments if you’d like and state where you’re from. Copy and Paste to your friends and family. Whoever is the 500 person to sign, please send it back to catus007@bellsouth.net Then forward with the same instructions again. Thank you for your time! We need your help!

1. Catarina Wyatt - I would like to add that I pray this man be held accountable for each crime he has been charged for and is punished to the fullest extent of the law within the State of California.

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Good job! Check your email for adjustments.
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HAHA!!! Good Job backatacha!! I guess I shouldn't be up at that time of nite! HAHA I think I can remember editing it about three times!! haha! Now I have to go back again! Thanks Nina!!

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