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I can't believe it's been two weeks without my Belle.....

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It's been two weeks today. It seems like it's been so longer. Every single day without my Mirah-kins feels like a week. I can't believe how much I still think of her... how much I miss her. That little girl sure did make an impression in my heart... one that will never leave. I miss her cuddles, laying on the couch, her on my chest, purring away, just begging for me to pet her. My arm would start getting tired, but she just wanted love, and I just couldn't give her enough. I remember how she used to play, jump, and go psycho. She used to beat up Annie all the time. :::chuckles::: I remember how she used to climb my leg to get up with me when I was on the computer. That was all before she got sick. When I lost my puppy, I thought about him... but I was just too sad, and after a week, made myself quit thinking about him. I just can't believe how much I think of her still... how much I miss her... how much I still cry over her. She sure was something special. She still is.

I love my Mirah-kins, my sweet Belle Starr.... always and forever.

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It was just so sudden. Annie was the only one we thought would die... and she's the only to survive. I can't believe it. I miss her so much.
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ime heals all, my broken heart has taught
In memory alone, echo's all painful thought.
Many broken hearts, times somehow caught
Echoing hope each daybreak, sunrise, new start.

Healing and forgetting, time alone does impart
Either way time alone, works well for a heart.
Anchoring myself to this thought self taught,
Leaving pain behind, time alone marks a chart.
Slowly heartbreak's easier, its pain does depart

I share your grief as I have recently lost my little girl, but time will help. Many believe, and I share this, that as long you you treasure her memory, she isn;t really gone.

I hope you find some happiness. In time I believe you will

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So sorry for your loss. Having lost my soulmate cat, Max, in July, I fully understand your hurt. Gosh, cats just find a special place in your heart and they are there to stay. I hope your memories will give you comfort.
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Oh my goodness, Cassie! I didn't even know this happened! I am so sorry! You are in my thoughts....
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Cassie, I am so sorry that you lost Belle. Your story of love for her is just heartbreaking. She was such a very special girl, and you had such high hopes that she would be able to recover.

Hugs to you at this difficult time. I'm sorry your family has had to go through such a trying time.

We all grew to love Belle (Mirah) through your stories about the cute things she would do. Even when it seemed hopeless, you always kept hoping for a miracle. And I do believe she was a little miracle, just not how we all wanted her to be. She was a very special girl for the short time she was with you. I wish she could have stayed longer.
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Cassie, I understand how you feel and you are not alone. I lost Vinnie the day after we knew something was wrong, even when we brought him to the emergency clinic that night we had no idea he wouldn't make it through the night. I still wish for just one more day, hour or even a minute with him. I miss him every day and light a candle for him every Monday night.

Belle was a beautiful little girl, she was so young just like Vinnie..... I hope Belle and Vinnie are at the bridge playing together and waiting for us to find them someday. If you ever need someone to talk to I am here.
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Lots of hugs Cassie.

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Oh sweet sweet Cassie -- We all miss your little cat Belle, too. You made her so real to us, and she was so delightful. My best hugs and wishes for your whole family.
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Oh Cassie ,

I am so sorry about Belle - I can't believe she is gone. As with many other TCS'ers here, I watched her and Annie grow up.

Both you and your family are in my prayers . RIP Belle Starr.

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Thank-you all... it has been hard without my baby, but I know she's much much better now.

Thank-you again,

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So sorry to hear that Cassie. RIP little one.
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Always, for Belle.
Elizabeth, Sasha, Saba and Sandy
RIP Freddie 11/9/03 and SiSi, never forgotten 2003
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious girl.
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