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I Am So Excited

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So I guess i have been doing good at Bil Jac. Because my manager asked me what I was doing saturday. I was going to be showing my kitties so i had the day off. but that changed cause ares is still recovering. so I said nothing..

Well. One of my fav dog orgs, Adopt a husky is having their annual Husky Hike event. He usually goes and gives a bunch of food to them. for their raffel and such and than he also gives away challange pacs and treats for a donation which goes right to the Org. Wellll..he asked ME to go

And I am gonna get paid for it! HA! Paid to hand out free stuff and hug huskies all day! I LOVE IT! lol

and the best part? Isis gets to come! He encouraged me to bring her with. So Shes coming too..YAHOO!!!!

You should see the back of my jeep right now. It looks like I robbed a pet store, LOL
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CONGRATES..... Those types of things are so exciting
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Oh that will be sooooo cool!!

Good for you congratulations!
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thanks I am PUMPED! And isis is looking hot! LOL i bathed her yesterday and did her nails in hopes that she would get to go..tehehe and she does. I am going to rig up my donation jar to her harness. LOL wont that be cute?

the best thing about it is that Bil Jac does not tend to do a whole lot of these events because they are a smaller company. but they do some, and especially go for the ones that the people have interest in. Mike has huskies of his own and I have one of my own too.

and hes looking into a Basset Hound "waddle" thats in WI that i may be able to go to next year YAY!!!
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My youngest daughter has 2 bassets and I have 1, she does some work for the basset rescue here, they go to the basset prades and such and we have been to a couple also, what a hoot all those hounds
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tehehehehe i bet! I love my houndy! I wish I could bring her on saturday too. But its huskys only. I promised her she gets to go with me on Sunday to petsmart though while i demo
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congratulations!!! You will have so much fun!!!
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tehehe i sure hope so. now i have to do something cute with isis. like a bandana..and somehow get a donation jar on her harness lol
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Fantastic! You're going to have such a great time!
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We were looking at getting a Basset Hound before we got Ruby. They are THE cutest dogs!!
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AROOOO for basset hounds Athena gets comments anytime she goes anywhere on how cute and lovely she is. hehehe..

Isis gets them too. but alot of people are scared of Isis because of her "Wolf like" being, and those blue eyes.
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We always said the Bassets are a conversation piece wherever they go
People just have to stop and look at them, and everyone always says ahhhh she looks so sad yeah right, they know how to suck you in everyone in our neighborhood stops and talks to Zoie at the fence
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Oh yes Ms Athena has LOTS of admirer's LOL and she always makes me laugh about how many she has. But thats cause she is MS Athena and its very true people always say "oo she looks so sad" or "ooo look at those eyes" Sad my tush! this dog is the most spoiled ever lol
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