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Noisy little one!

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We have seven cats ranging from 8 years old to 1 1/2.
(And one we don't know for sure what her age is ;-)
Anyway....Iggy, a 2 1/2 year old neutered male DLH is our problem
"child". He meows CONSTANTLY! The only time he's quiet is
when he's sleeping. There doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with him at all.
And I can't say it's whining for chow,
since he'll even howl on a full belly! I just can't read this cat.
If everyone's sleeping, he meows....probably looking for his buddy,
Benny to curl up with. And if the others are awake, he howls....
maybe he wants to play. I've learned to ignore him for the most part,
but it's driving my husband crazy! Anyone with a similar problem???
Or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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We have the same thing. Although he doesn't do it CONSTANTLY he does it very very frequently. I reckon he does it for attention - just to be stroked and petted. We stroke and pet him all the time but he still wants more!! He's sooooo demanding. I wouldn't have it any other way though. We don't have the same problem with our other cat.
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That's just like Mozzie !!! Unfortunately he just yowls and meows
all the time and just doesn't shut up, he's even taken to not bothering to close his mouth totally, in between meows...too much effort I guess. We've done the vet thing ( he's fine ) and the ignoring thing. We've tried distraction, we've tried loads of things, but nope. Our little 'Darling' just loves the sound of his own voice. I know it isn't much help, but I thought I'd let you know that you aren't the only one with a problem like this. Our family haven't had a full nights sleep since he arrived in June, and now we are just used to sleeping through it. They say it helps to know you are not the only one with a specific problem...hope it helps to know for definate you are not alone. Sorry I can't offer any advice. If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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kiddie opera. Oh, how delightful. I love it @ 0h dark thirty in the morning. Jake sings soprano. SHHHHHUUUUUTTTT UUUUUPPPPP for the Love of God! :tounge2:

I have actually learned to just tune it out. It is obnoxious though.

I get kiddie opera and claw up my nose to wake me up in the AM. This AM as a matter of fact, the little ...:tounge2:
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Kitty opera! LOL.....I LOVE that!

And Sonia, THANK YOU....there IS some comfort knowing that someone out there is going thru the same thing. I've had cats all my life of 48 years, but never one as vocal as our Iggy. He's the sweetest thing, too! I guess as long as he's healthy, there's not much to do about it. He'll even meow sometimes while I'm petting him! Not a paiful type of cry, just a noisy meow to let me know he's happy, I guess.

So much for sleeping thru the night!
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My female cat, Alex has this problem. From the second I wake up or walk in the door from work, it starts. She just meows and meows and meows. It drives me up the wall! I also feel guilty, because my male cat (Spats) is so quiet, I am drawn to give him attention while I sometimes feel nothing but frustration towards Alex.

I have taken to rewarding her during her brief quiet moments. When she is not demanding attention, those are the times when I will pick her up and stroke her, or carry her around. I'm not sure if it helps, but I figure that it's worth a shot.
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