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vaccine induced illness? whats the chance?

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ok not about cats but my daughter--

She had her 15 month shots (a bit late at 17 months of age due to a ear infection) two weeks ago. She developed a fever tuesday of this week while at daycare-- Motrin took care of the fever. Now she has a rash on her face, back, stomach, and neck and arms. Im calling the dr in the morning. but i want some comments.

One of her vaccinations she recieved was varicella (chicken pox vaccine) and the other was her first ever MMR (measles mumps and rubella). Could she be developing vaccine induced chicken pox or measles? she has these small reddish spots all over her body (except legs) they arent connected per se and some are alone and others are close together. She isnt scratching, has no fever anymore, and is her normal happy self.

like i said i just want to get some comments/ideas; im calling the dr in the morning regardless--

i looked online for statistics on vaccine induced illnesses and found nothing.

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As I recall, there is sometimes a reaction to MMR, but best to call the doctor, definitely.
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i don't know much about human vaccines and medicine. i'd talk to the doc.
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Originally Posted by tigerfanfrv
i don't know much about human vaccines and medicine. i'd talk to the doc.
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vaccines carry small strains of the virus in them so that their immune system becomes accustom to them so that when they come acrossed it again they can fight it. Alot of the time they are inactive cells in the vaccine but it is possible to get sick from them. i would take her to see a doctor most likly they will just tell you to hold out alittle bit since its just what her body needs to fight threw so that she is use to it but at the same time they might give her something. I would call first so you dont have to pay the co pay if she isnt acting different then there might be nothing to worry about.
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A reaction like your daughters is not uncommon, esp. to the MMR vaccine, but, just to be on the safe side, give the pediatrician a ring in the morning to see what they have to say.
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my sister got sick after her MMR vaccine..... but chicken pox vaccine...I have never heard of such a thing....wow...is it new... I mean I am only 24 so...wow
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What a worry! Definitely call the dr. & make sure that they take this seriously!! I know that the vaccines these days are usu. well-tolerated but my 25 year-old daughter received a brain-injury from the DPT shot (not the DtP that is used nowadays, because the DPT caused so many injuries that Sen. Ted Kennedy successfully launched the National Vaccine Compensation Act) and the doctor's office treated it much too nonchalantly. Please keep us posted on how your daughter is doing! And try not to worry too much - the odds of a bad reaction are pretty slim, from what I understand, but believe me, it pays to take no extra chances.
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Here's an article that shows the frequencies of bad reactions - it's quite reassuring, I think: http://www.healthcentral.com/ency/408/002026.html
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well it turns out my daughter is reacting to the vaccine-- at least thats what 2 different doctors think-- they think it must be the Measles part of the vaccine she is reacting to as she has the classic measles on her back and they are spreading. She doesnt seem to be in any pain and the drs said it should clear up in a day or two. If its not clearning up by monday to bring her back.

For her next mmr shot she will only get half.

My mom told me today that my younger sister ( now 22) had a severe reaction to her first MMR vaccine, so bad she almost died. She didnt get another vaccine of any kind since then.

I guess its possible that genetics played a part in this too increasing my daughters chances of having a vaccine reaction.

Thanks everyone for your comments!
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