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A Happy Ending.

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This week a missing little girl was found in Nova Scotia. She had been kidnapped from her mother and sister 3 years ago in France. The kidnapper was her father. He was convicted of kidnapping "in absentia" by French courts and was wanted world wide by Interpol.

Two RCMP officers noticed a little girl bouncing around in the back of a car obviously without a seatbelt. Seatbelts are the law here. So they pulled him over and recognized him as a wanted fugitive. They took him into custody. Today the little girl's mother flew into Halifax and was re-united with her daughter. Father is in custody awaiting extradition to France.

Sometimes the good guys DO win.
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I can remember when my Mother took us away from our father!! I hated my Stepmother and pleaded with my Mom to take us...I was six. My Mom ran away with us and I couldn't be happier. One day I saw my father walking up the street towards me and I ran as fast as I could screaming and crying away from him...He found us! I was scared to death I would have to go back with him He asked my why I ran and I told him that I hated living with him and that I wanted to be with my Mother. Right or wrong? All's I know you never know until you hear it out of the kids mouth and then again...some are too scared to say anything for fear of hurting the parents.

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Folks,I don't care who's the guilty party here..that's for the courts to decide and there's no background info. i'm just happy that,in these days when so many children disappear never to be seen again,that one little 6 yr old girl is found.

Klinker..I don't think anyone who kidnaps a child at 3 yrs of age is quite stable mentally,do you? I would say that he was more interested in punishing his ex-wife. 3 yrs old is not a decision-making age,so she's not asking to be "rescued" from her mother.

Seriously,ol'man. Maybe you've been spending a little tooooooo much time with the folks from Hollywierd??
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i was just giving you my recollection of what happened to me. I can remember as far back as two years old being abused by my stepmother. I guess it was something that was so horrible that it stuck out in my mind. I wasn't comparing...just basically making a statement.

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I was clarifying my position, I didn't think I was apologizing for the way I felt at all. I wouldn't apologize for that. Shoot, I was only a kid, but at least I had enough courage to basically tell my father to kiss off. I hated to do that...I loved him so much; but he chose her over us kids.

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That's it for me on this one...brings up pretty bad memories.

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Cat,I do understand what you're saying. I've seen that situation before and can sympathyze. I know there's a whole lot you're not saying there and I respect your choice and privacy.

Now Mr Klinks...Robert E. Lee?? Who next,Batman?? Brother,you gotta get out from under those hot lights and make-up fumes. Really man,I'm beginning to worry about you.

In all seriousness..I've told you as much of this story as I know. It just happened a couple of days ago,so no deep background. I have no idea of who did what to who or what the mother's life is. I do point out however that there was another daughter left behind,so I kind of doubt any great concern for the child's welfare was at play.

Again,I'm just pleased that a little one was found. So many aren't
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My father almost participated in the kidnapping of my younger brother and sister when my mother left the state with them. He decided to go the legal route, and was the first father on the eastern seaboard to be awarded custody of his kids under circumstances that weren't extreme (i.e. alcohol, drug- related, etc.).
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Sometimes I really hate having to work for a living, and especially in a place where theres no computer...I miss all the best stuff here!

I have no idea where the Robert E Lee stuff came in, nor the accent from KF...and I agree that the courts should look into what would be in the best interest of the child in this case, as in all cases involving those who can't decide for themselves. (children, animals, mentally challenged)
BUT... I do think that the fact that a small girl was in a car without being safely "buckled up" might be an indication of the care that may have been given concerning her well-being? Maybe he was a good father, but I feel that shows a degree of neglect.
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Here is the story about the kidnapped child. She, her mother, father & baby sister were living in France. Mother & father broke up & he slashed mother's face with a knife & took the oldest daughter to Canada. Had been living in Toronto for over 2 years & all tthe neighbours said he had a very loving relationship with his daughter & she appeared very happy/healthy. The mother had a lead that her daughter was in Toronto & can to Canada early this wk. The father's picture was plastered on TV & newspapers & he ran. He drove from Toronto & was eventually found in Truro Newfoundland. The little girl was taken into protective custody & was reunited with mom yesterday. She remember her mom, but did not going running to her. The father is wanted in Canada for immigration issues & in France for kidnapping & assault. Mother & child go home to France this weekend to reunite the little girl with her sister. The little girl doesn't remember any french.
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Wow! It's amazing what a child can and can't remember. My father and mother were in the middle of their divorce when I was 2 years old. She lived in Michigan and my father lived in Texas. My mother wasn't providing the proper care that I needed and when my dad found out he snatched me and took me to Texas with him. Even though I was two years old I remember that day very vividly. Because they were still legally married my father did not do anything "legaly" wrong. Well he kept me for a couple of months, long enough that I spent my 3rd birthday with him (which I remember). He returned me to my mother because he knew that once the divorce was final and if he ever wanted the chance to get custody of me that that's what he would have to do. He didn't want to take me back to my mother, he only did it for strategy reasons. Well, my dad finally sued for custody when I was 6 years old. Since my mother and I were in Michigan it went through the Michigan courts and Michigan is one of those states that rarely grants custody to the father. He lost. He tried again when I was 10 years old but this time he had more evidence and witnesses to testify. Once my mom saw the witnesses she signed custody over to my father, so not court battle. I'm glad my dad fought so hard for me and didn't give up. I love him so much.

Well, just hearing this made me want to share my story. Thanks!
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Wow, that's a really great story Sabra...I'm not surprised you can remember too! There's alot of people that can/can't remember that far back. I guess it's all in what you're exposed to. I guess it's cause the traumatic experiences stay with us for so long...

I'm glad to see that all is so good for you and you have such a loving relationship with your dad.

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Thanks Cat! Like you, it's amazing that young children know who they need to live with (for their sake).
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Little kids are alot smarter then most people give them credit for. I used to be in early childhood education & never a truer thing was said then "out of the mouths of babes". I am glad everything worked out for you Sabra! I can't even imagine going thru something like that. I am one of the the lucky ones - my parrent have been happily married for 34 years. They still hold hands like they were teenagers. I am so lucky that I get along with my parents (we do have are issues though). Actually they are coming to work today to take me out to lunch.
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Wow Adrienne you are so lucky. I can't even imagine what it would be like for my mother and father to be together and I hope my husband and I will be one of those lucky couples who grow old together. It's so rare today for "first" marriages to last. They say the first marriage has less than 50% of a chance to make it. I'm up for the challenge though and am not a quitter. I know it will take a lot of work but that's what life is about.
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Adreinne, you are sooooo fortunate to see you parents relationship so loving! Not many people can say that that's for sure!

Sabra, you have my best wishes for a forever marriage (I should coin that! hahah)!! But, you already know that sweet thing! heehee!!

Love & Hugs,
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