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Okay so I had like a real BAD day in school!!

When I showed up at 7:55 I knew that I had like A LOT of work to do so I went straight to the quiet room and started doing my school work. Well about a half an hour later someone decided to be a real B*tch and turned the light off in the quiet room!!!!! Plus I'm like really scared of the dark!! So I went out and I said "Whoever did was NOT funny and it was NOT cool!!" Turned the light back on and went back in there. Well then my friend Kelli wanted to chat with me so I was in the computer room with her when I heard some people in the other quiet room talking about me!!! Okay so first they have the nerve to play a cruel joke on me now they talk about me behind my back!! What nice people!!!! So I handled that by going into the room and saying "Havin fun ladies?!" and leaving!! So then I spent the rest of the day in the quiet room until after Biology when someone took it from me!! (#@!$!!!!)

Oh and parents have friends coming over..and guess what..THEY'RE BRING THEIR BRAT @$$ KIDS WITH THEM!!!! GRRRRR this means that not only did I suffer a bad day in school..I have to suffer annoying brats tearing things up in my room!!!!