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Does anyone watch The Office?

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I taped it Tuesday and I'm watching it now. Too funny IMO. We couldn't tape Arrested Development this week because we lost power
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OMG Chris, I LOVE that show. Steve Carrell is hilarious. I loved the episode last season where the "inside" office staff played the "outside" workers in a game of basketball.
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This show reminds me so much of where I used to work I remember two years we had a "regonition dinner" or whatever you want to call it. I told my manager I didn't want to single out any of my staff for awards because they had all worked so hard. Much to my surprise, all nine of them and I received engraved gold colored plates - They all said "Employee of The Year " Mine is still in the trunk of my car from that night
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Dundees!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
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That's what it my evening was like , too , Candie! Good news I hear that the hurricane is moving away from you tonight !
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I've never seen the American remake but heard it's good.

The original English `The Office' is ABSOLUTELY worth watching if you can get your hands on it - it is impossible to watch you feel so embarrassed and uncomfortable. Kind of like watching Fawlty Towers!

We haven't got the current season of Arrested Development in Australia yet. Max and I have the DVD box set of the first three seasons and have watched them till we know them by heart!!
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Yeah, I adored the British version so much I feel like I'd be betraying Ricky Gervais (and Tim! Man, I loved Tim - I forget the actors name) by watching the American remake.
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Haven't seen the US remake, the original was hilarious.

By the way: Why all the remakes of foreign films/series? Here we think it's half the fun to get inside another culture, to hear and learn foreign languages etc. I also don't get dupping, here grannies revolted when Channel3 dupped an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful as a joke. Well, when in Rome.
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Loved the original UK version, haven't seen the US version - will have to look out for it!
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