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freaky kitty problem.

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You see, my aunt lives with my grandmother(loooooong story, don't. ask.) and her two children and two animals, a cat and a dog. now, the cat is..well....how do I put this? mean. just plain MEAN. She hisses at people and last weekend attacked my dad when he went with my so I could get a pack of cards to show my grandparunts a magic trick(I was to scared to go alone.). She bugs the crud out of my grandmother and scratched people randomly. I mean, I've tried to be nice to it but she just lashes out at me with those claws. Also, she never uses the litter box...she go's every where...abnd the things CLEAN. I was jsut woudnering if there was a reson for all this...because I'd really like to know if there was a way to fix this.

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Has she always been like this or has it just started?.

Maybe a vet visit is in order to have her checked out because if it's just started happening there maybe something wrong
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There would be two priorities here for me

1. Eliminate Medical problems
Take the the cat to a vet for a checkup and explain the behaviour.
2. Start to examine the psychological elements.
How do the dog and cat interact. Which was there first and how was the other introduced?
Has the cat always been like this or has something triggered it?
Was the cat litter trained as a kitten?
Four people in the house and two aminals - does the cat have enough room or is it fighting for territory?

There could be an awful lot of reasons why this cat is behaving this way. rule out the obvious ones first and then take it from there.
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Perhaps it's being over territorial. My Joji doesn't like people either. She hisses and will scratch people she does not know if they insist on bugging her. I always warn my guests to leave her alone.
However, you should have her checked by the vet. Eliminating outside the litterbox is often a sign of a health problem.
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Is she spayed?
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no, she isn't. and all of those are REALLY good resons. and the cat and dog don't really interact. my Aunt is really poor, though, so I think thats why she hasn't been spayed nor taken to the vet, really. and I odn't know if she was trained or not. And the over tarratorial thing maybe true, really. she's fairly young though and may have some problem, as the last house that my aunt lived in was...erm...how DO I put this? a ranch that was smelly, dirty and bad....though she had a bad husbin who has scamed people and avoided jail(long storie), so it/s not really her falt that she couldn't do anything. I'll rsuggjest these things to my grandmother(my aunt is....temper emntal...you hbve to watch what you say around her), maybe she'll beable to do something. Thanks everyone!


P.S. She's been like this for a long time from what I've heard.
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