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6 Month Old...too small?

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Ok, I just want to make sure this sounds right to those of you who breed. I'm bringing up my first kitten. She was an orphan and was presumably the runt of her litter. She was a bottle baby and was completely hand raised. When we found her, she had fleas, ringworm and coccidia. She's been wormed twice that I'm aware of and has had no subsequent problems with worms. She's had 4 negative fecals for the coccidia since being treated with Albon in May and her stool looks fine to me.

She's about 6 months old now and she just seems really tiny. She's always been sort of thin (not skin and bones thin, but, not as plumpy as some of the other kittens I work with) and she's been checked twice by my vet and given a clean bill or health. She weighed 4 lbs. 4 oz. on August 12 and now, she weighs a little more than 5 pounds (I couldn't tell exactly...this was a bathroom scale) today. She eats all right...she'll only eat about a tablespoon and a half of wet twice a day and she eats dry intermittently. I just feel like she isn't growing as fast and she isn't as big as the other female 6 months olds we have at the shelter. Am I overreacting? Should I go see my vet again? Is there anything I can do?

I've been mixing the Dr. Goodpet Optimum Growth formula into her wet food, but that's it. She eats Wellness Turkey and Salmon wet (she won't eat theri kitten formula) and she eats Innova Evo dry.

Thanks for any help!
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5 lbs at 6 months is a little small but definitely not abnormal. If the vet says she's healthy, I wouldn't doubt that she is.
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Why does everyone think cats should be big? There are many small breeds that weigh a healthy 5-6 lbs when full grown. Many of the oriental types, rexes, finer boned cats don't weigh that much (like a big hefty main coon or persian type).

Since its a mixed breed who knows what's in the background. As long as the cat is eating good, no worms, etc., don't worry about it.

Like people there are bigger boned people and smaller boned - you don't need a fine boned cat weighing 10-15 lbs. I know vets think they all should weigh about 10 or more lbs - took my vet awhile to realize healthy rexes shouldn't weigh a lot (my females were about 5 lbs when grown and the males about 7-8) Anything over that weight and they would be fat.
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One of my favorite cats was a neighbor's cat I took in when she moved overseas.
At 15 years old, she weighed 4lbs soaking wet and was very healthy.
Cats from large litters are generally small, and some cats just don't have any large cats in their background.

My MIL is currently fostering a momma that has a litter of 11 kits, comparing them to kits from a normal sized litter (4-6) they look very tiny.
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My Scooter is a little over a year old, and he weighs only 6 lbs. He eats like a horse, and is very healthy. I love my tiny boy, he is so sweet to cuddle!
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My 13 yr old tuxedo cat weighed 6 lbs for the longest time - he's getting chubby in his old age now, he's up to 7.5 lbs !

He's a tiny furball who thinks he's a pit bull ! He chased after a german sheppard who came into our yard before it was fenced (luckliy the sheppard was way ahead of my cat and didn't see him - he wouldn't have made more than a mouthfull...)

My 6 pound "attack cat"...
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