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I had Sunny take this pic. Please ignore the just washed hair, and yes, that's a beer beside the monitor ... Hmmm, but I wonder what's on the screen? Could it be TCS LOL? Maybe someday I'll actually get a halfway decent shot of my own mug and put it on here .

Mithril just about insisted that he had to be draped over my lap, and half over the keyboard, which was not exactly an improvement over being draped over my shoulder. For some reason he just can't settle down when he wants petting, definitely more hyper than his brother Narsil. If he was human, I'd say he was ADHD ...

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Great Helper!
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Mithril is looking right at the camera. He grows more handsome by the day.
I like your office setup. You look really organized...
except for the big kitty on your lap & the beer.
Lucky you.
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The beer & kitty provide a balance for relaxation!
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He is such a handsome boy!!
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Awww, he wants to say hi to all his aunties and uncles in TCS!
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He is absolutely gorgeous. I guess he recovered pretty fast from his neuter!
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Wow Narsil is stunning! If you're reading this now Narsil, I you!
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Yeah, you could say they recovered pretty fast from the neuter. You'd never know anything was done !

That's actually Mithril draped over my keyboard. He looks darker in that pic and so more like Narsil but I notice comparing him to Narsil in my siggy you can definitely see that they are brothers! Although in person they don't look so much alike.
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Everyone should have an office helper like that!

I'm amazed how tidy your computer space is, anything on a desk in my home instantly becomes kittie property and ends up on the floor!
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I wish I had an office helper like that at work with me right now!
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TOO CUTE! He's a lovebug!!!

I have a helper too! More like a mouse chaser but nonetheless...
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Originally Posted by emb_78
Great Helper!
...I need some of help! would you send me her at my office please!...........

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