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Mary Anne

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She just called me, very distraught, to ask for prayers. There is a windstorm going through, her shop has been destroyed, her horse is out of his pasture and there are downed power lines....She is very scared. It is still going on right now.

Please, please, if you can, pray for Mary Anne, Mike, and their precious animals.

this is very, very serious. I can't describe to you the fear in her voice. Thanks in advance for your prayers.
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OMG!!! Poor Hissy has been through so much lately, I will definitely pray for her and Mike's safety and the safety of their animals. I hope there is a basement or another safe place where they can wait out the storm!
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How terrible! I'm praying as I type...
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Thoughts and prayers going out to Hissy and her family.
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Good ,positive thoughts coming from this part of the globe as well Poor Mary Anne has been through so much already this week.
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Strength and safety . . . I can't believe everything that's happened in just the few months I've been here, and it's one more thing! It's time for this to be over for Hissy and her family . . .
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the storm is over, and everyone is accounted for except Ripley kitty. hopefully kitty is just hiding.

thanks for your prayers everyone!
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I read this a bit late, but I am glad that her and her family are safe. And hopefully Riply will turn up!!
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I am glad every came out ok. I hope Ripley is just hiding. Thru adversity comes strength & Mary Anne is one of the strongest women I know. She will come thru everything alright. My thoughts are with her!
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SO glad evryone is OK, I hope Mary Ann finds Ripley..I am sure the scared Kitty is just hiding I also hope her house/barn/shop aren't to wrecked My thoughts are with you:daisy:

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Everyone is okay - Ripley will come out of hiding!!!! Poor Hissy - I hope she is okay
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Nothing since I spoke to her last night after the storm was over. She mentioned things were in shambles, that she couldn't see the ground for all the branches. I imagine they are busy picking through the devastation right now. Hopefully we'll get word soon.
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I will sure feel a lot better when we hear from Miss Hissy!

Getting those animals taken care of is a lot of work, I'm sure. Esp. if the barn or fences had any damage. And how can you let the horse out to pasture if you can't even find the pasture beneath the branches?

Plus little Ripley needs to appear out of nowhere with that innocent little look like "Oh, were you looking for me? Where's dinner?" They all seem to wear that after scaring you half to death. Even children and husbands . . .
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I too read this late, but I am glad to hear everything is okay, but I really hope she finds Ripley...please let us know.
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Just spoke to MA, all animals are accounted for
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the winds were up to 85 MPH. She doesn't have power and said on her way to town today they saw about a mile and a half of downed power lines. The don't have any water, and were told power won't be restored for 3 or 4 days. Apparently the phones lines are working intermittently.
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she sends her love and appreciation for all the prayers and hopes to be on in a few days.
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Wow, what a storm! I'm glad everyone's safe and all the animals are home. But what a mess to have to deal with. Can you imagine being without water and power for days!
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Prayers are being sent although I did read this late. I'm sure Rip will be found. I will be posting on my greyhound board as whenever someone needs help and they pray, all good comes from it. Please keep us posted.

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I'm glad to hear she found Ripley and that all the animals are okay.
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:angel4: YAY! That is such good news!
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