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Running From Noise

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Hiya...well now that I have been introduced to the community I thought I would start on in two questions that I have that are concerning me..
Lola my two year old cat that we got a week ago now is still running under the bed whenver the door is open and she won't come out on her own without us coxing her out...also she will only eat if we stand there and pet her or just stand near her...I don't know if maybe that comes from being in a house with alot more cats then just her or what?

Also she is barely using the litter box...she hasn't went anywhere else and she has used the box but about twice in a week.....I'm just worried and wondered if it was normal if things don't change I'm gonna take her to the vet...thanks everyone and pics are coming soon:rainbow:
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I know when we took in our last stray, Bernie, it took more than a week for her to "fit in" with the others. Sounds like your Lola needs a little more time to adjust. I would maybe keep another litter box for her somewhere else than the one you have now. She may be holding her urine out of fear of running into another cat.
A friend of mine used a tall baby gate to seperate one of her cats from the rest until they got used to each other. You could see thru the gate, but they couldn't jump over it, so her new cat felt protected, and once they all got used to each other, they're fine now.
Best of luck to you!
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You really may just need to give the new cat some more time to adjust.
MomOfSeven's idea sounds like a good one. I know that when I first introduced my cat to a friend's cat (so we could share babysitting duties ), they seemed more comfortable with a barrier between them. They would actually create the barriers themselves - a chair, table legs, the metal door of a carrier, etc. They were both strays but they are now in single cat homes.
Also, I had a cat that was very unnerved by loud noises and sudden movements. He was found in dumpster that kids were banging on to scare the cats out (not a good start). Then, he went to a temporary home where there were three other established cats and a boisterous(his wife's description, not mine) husband. When I adopted the cat (again, he was the only cat in the house), it took him three days to emerge from under the furniture and use the litter box, eat and drink. He was still rather skittish for a couple of weeks. With time, he realized he was the king of the castle and relaxed. Your cat may take longer to adjust because of the size of your household.
If you need more advice, I know that there are others on this forum who have actually had experience with introducing new cats into a household. Also, your local animal shelter or vet might have someone who could offer advice.
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Sorry I think maybe I didn't explain that well enough...she came from a house with 7 cats...to our home with none but her...and also they said she was a street cat before they found her...thanks everyone.
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Keep in mind that cats are VERY territorial! It's just one of those traits the we learn to love about them. Your new cat will just need some time to adjust. If you keep her in one room for now, with litter pan, chow and water all available, she will eventually venture out, as their natural curiosity overcomes her sense of fear. Since she's been tossed around a bit, and hasn't really been used to a good home, she's probably just a bit scared at the time. I'll bet that in no time she warms up to you and becomes a great pet!
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