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Bloody Penile Hole???

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My 4 month old boy cat has recently developed his boy "parts". However, I noticed that his penile hole has a scab on it. Does anyone have any clue what this may be from? Is it normal or should I call the vet ASAP?
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Poor baby, i'd take him to the vet because it sounds painful
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Take him to a vet. That sounds like something that needs to bee looked at asap.
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Sounds like something is bothering him a lot - kittens are very fragile - please have it looked at immediately!
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Your kitty needs to be seen by a vet. He may be very uncomfortable or even in pain.
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Is he able to pee okay?

If he can't, this is an emergency and he needs to be rushed to the 24-hour emergency clinic immediately. If he can pee, then give a call to your regular vet and see what s/he recommends.
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I would check with the vet to be sure, but some times unneutered males get a little, um excited and what you are seeing is the top of the penis. It was sorta a pinky color. Before Rocky got snipped I saw it a few times when I picked him up and held him like a baby. He was probably between 4-6 months. It does go back in, so if it go aways, maybe that's what you saw.
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